Tufts Athletics Alumni Group

The Tufts Athletics Alumni Group is an integrated community of Tufts athletes across all teams and generations.


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To create a unified network of current and former Tufts athletes across all teams and generations to aid personal and professional development while encouraging alumni engagement with Tufts Athletics and Tufts University.


  • Create a unified community of current and former Tufts athletes across all teams and generation
  • Organize strategic events to promote personal interactions among alumni and current students
  • Encourage alumni engagement by partnering with Athletics and University Advancement
  • Promote in-person and online interaction to aid career and professional advancement


  • Networking happy hour events
  • Reunion and Back to the Hill events presence
  • Informational tent at Homecoming
  • Panel events for professional development and networking

Get Involved

Alum or current student? Get involved—help spread the word or take an active role in shaping the future of this group. Email tuftsathleticsalum@gmail.com.