First Years

Welcome to Campus!

Welcome to campus! We at the Tufts University Alumni Association are excited to introduce you to campus and to ourselves. We invite you to join us at our events celebrating Tufts traditions and heritage. For more information on first-year class events, visit the Tufts Alumni event calendar.

Legacy Reception

Immediately after matriculation, the first year sons and daughters of Tufts Alumni (and their parents) are invited to attend a reception celebrating their family's Jumbo legacy.

Freshman Class Orientation Celebration

On the first night of orientation first year students celebrate their arrivals to Tufts with their entire class. After being welcomed to the hill by a representative from Tufts Alumni, students enjoy a night filled with food and activities, and meeting new friends. At the end of the night, each student receives a special gift commemorating their class year courtesy of Tufts Alumni. This event is co-sponsored by the Freshman Class Council.


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