"The senior year activities have been a lot of fun. I really looked forward to them, coming into this year. They’ve felt very special, like someone was paying attention to us."

–Rosa Spaeth, A10


"I'm glad that we have those senior activities… The events allow you to sit and reflect on where you are in your journey through this place."

–John Galvin, A10


"I'll be involved with Tufts in the future, in a similar way that people have helped me – being a mentor or reaching out to students."

–Sarah Ullman, A10


Countdown to Graduation!

Countdown to graduation! Tufts University Alumni Association (Tufts Alumni) sponsors a number of events to help seniors transition from being a student to becoming an alumnus/a. For more information on senior class events, visit the Tufts Alumni event calendar.

Welcome Back Seniors

Students celebrate the first day of senior year with a celebration on the President’s Lawn. In addition to being welcomed by Alumni Association representation, students receive their Senior class t-shirts, enjoy hors d’oeuvres, and kick off their final year at Tufts with a toast from the President of Tufts.

100 Days Till Graduation

Seniors celebrate their final undergraduate year and officially begin the countdown to graduation. Representatives from the Board of Trustees, Tufts Alumni’s Executive Committee, and Tufts Alumni Boston join hundreds of seniors at this formal event co-sponsored by the Senior Class Council.

Senior Dinners

Each spring, members of the senior class are invited to Gifford House to dine with the unversity’s President and local alumni.

Senior Career Series

Tufts Alumni partners with the Office of Career Services to host programs about future careers, graduate schools, networking, financial planning, and much more! Check out upcoming events on the Career Services calendar.

Senior Elections

Each spring, the senior class is invited to nominate and elect students who will represent their class as transitional members of the Tufts Alumni council in order to foster stronger connections among the Tufts community. Nominations generally occur in March, with elections in April.

Video Resources for Seniors


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