Daniel Paisner, A82, A13P, A18P, is well known to publishers (and somewhat less well known to readers) as the author of more than 60 books, including 14 New York Times best-sellers. As a ghostwriter, he has written more than 50 books in collaboration with athletes, actors, politicians, business leaders, and ordinary individuals with extraordinary stories to tell.

Over the course of his career, he has taken on the real-life personas of dozens of compelling individuals, including a World Series of Poker champion; the son of a Yanomami tribeswoman; a plus-size supermodel; an FBI hostage negotiator; a three-term Democratic mayor of New York City; a three-term Republican governor of New York State; a network television weatherman; a daytime television talk show host; a #1 ranked women’s tennis player; a bilateral amputee mountaineer; an Oscar winner; an Emmy winner, a Tony winner; an Apprentice winner; a former First Daughter; a current First Daughter; a New York City bail bondsman; an undersea explorer; a world champion surfer; a foul-mouthed, misogynist comedian; an urban fashion mogul; a Cosby kid; an Olympic swimmer; an autistic high school student; and on and on.

Over the years, Mr. Paisner has also written several books of his own, including The Ball: Mark McGwire’s 70th Home Run Ball and the Marketing of the American Dream—a singular tale of the Rawlings baseball that stood for a few fleeting moments as the Holy Grail of sports memorabilia. He is the author of three novels: A Single Happened Thing, Mourning Wood, and Obit.

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