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Alumni Career Webinar Series: 5 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand

Sponsored by:

Tufts Alumni Career Services

When: Wednesday, April 03, 2013, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm (iCal)


Hi, I’m Sherri Thomas, President of Career Coaching 360, and I know from my own personal experience that personal branding can have a major impact on achieving a career that fills you with meaning and purpose.

The key is learning how best to leverage your talents, strengths, and passions to transition into an organization that appreciates and values you. Mastering the art of personal branding means that you are sending the right messages, networking with the right career influencers, and successfully driving the perceptions of clients, managers, and potential employers.

My book “Career Smart – 5 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand” will teach you how to:

1. Leverage your passions, strengths, talents, and accomplishments to transition into a career that gives you meaning, purpose and inspires you.
2. Strengthen your credibility and build visibility with people who can promote you, hire you, and introduce you to others who could potentially hire you.
3. Stretch yourself, flex your professional muscles, and break through roadblocks to help you move your career up to the next level.


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