Frequently Asked Questions

All of the little things you want to know about Back to the Hill. Other questions? Please email

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Tickets & Registration

Q: Will I get event tickets in the mail?
A: No. Everything you need to attend events will be distributed at registration when you check in.

Q: Can I buy tickets for the BBQ and/or Soiree on the day-of?
A: Only if they don't sell out. And ticket prices go up if there are any left to sell. This won't be announced until about 72 hours before the event, so we don't recommend waiting to buy them.

Q: If I buy a ticket, is a guest included?
A: No, every attendee must purchase a ticket.

Q: Can I pick up my friend's tickets/name tags/gifts?
A: No. Each alum/guest must be present to receive their band, name tags, and gifts.


Q: Is there anything to do at the BBQ besides eat?
A: Yes, lots! There is a professional wine-tasting event hosted by Pour Favor, lawn games, a photobooth, and a DJ. And that's in addition to delicious, catered BBQ food and an ice cream sundae bar!

Q: Are there vegetarian and/or children's options at the BBQ?
A: Yes, there are a number of vegetarian options, as well as special chicken fingers and fries for baby Jumbos.

Q: Is there dinner served at the Soiree? Is it open bar?
A: There is a full buffet dinner, including vegetarian and gluten-free options. It is an open bar inclusive of beer, wine, and sparkling wine.

Q: What's the dress code for the events?
A: The BBQ is casual. The Soiree is “summer cocktail.” Basically, a bit dressier than jeans is recommended. Brunch is also casual.

Q: Since the Soiree is under a tent, what kind of floor is it: wood or grass?
A: Grass. Plan shoes accordingly.

Q: Which events are family-friendly?
A: Baby and young Jumbos are welcome at the BBQ and the brunch. The Soiree is a 21+ event.

Q: What happens if the weather is bad?
A: All events have a rain location, except for the Soiree, which will take place under the tent no matter the weather.

Logistics, Accommodations, & Travel

Q: Is the Joey (shuttle) running?
A: Yes. The hours will be determined soon.

Q: Can I book a room on campus?
A: Yes! Single rooms and a limited number of four- and 10-person suites will be available for the weekend. They will be first-come, first-serve until we fill out the allotment. Details will be available closer to the event.


Q: Is there wireless internet access on campus?
A: Yes. Those staying in the dorms will receive details in their welcome kits. We'll post instructions before the event, or you can ask Conference Bureau.

Q. Anything else I should bring, that I may not think to pack?
A: Mosquito/bug spray for Saturday evening.

Q. I want to know something that isn't listed here!
A: Email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!