Volunteer Stories

      • Gresh Lattimore, F65, F70, FG72

        "Volunteering for Tufts is both fulfilling and inspirational...."  ....more.

      • Ann Gisinger, AG10

        "I love meeting other Jumbos interested in advocating for our natural world..."  ....more.

      • Josh Fox, A98

        "Meeting new Jumbos is so interesting!"  ....more.

      • Ivy Vo, A09

        Bringing together Tufts alumni and current Tufts students in Paris is what makes Ivy Vo smile....more.

      • Kira Doar, A08

        The former Mr. Jumbo Competition winner recalls her winning performance  ....more.

      • Maura Donahue, A10

        Serendipitous moments are Maura Donahue's favorite way of meeting Jumbos...more.

      • Timothy Nelson, E04

        The alumni community has always been a family for Timothy Nelson...more.

      • Yulia Korovikov, A13

        At Tufts, Yulia would go onto the roof and look out at the city knowing that every light was another person. . . .more.

      • Nancy Pinn, J88

        Accidentally mistaking a closet in Cohen Auditorium for a classroom was one of the best things that ever happened to this alumna volunteer. . .more.

      • Chris Chao, A03

        Looking back, this commercial real estate lender would have taken more Ex-College classes and eaten fewer Espresso's calzones. . .more.

      • Betty (Blake) Hinkley, J63, A95P

        A bittersweet moment at the top of the Memorial Steps provided this active alumna with a view she'll never forget. . .more.

      • First Lieutenant Andrew Lee, A09

        No distance is too far for this Marine to keep connected with his alma mater. . .more.

      • Michael Skocay, A08

        The Harvard faculty assistant fondly recalls the buzzing days and nights of the Observer office. . .more.

      • Sondra Szymczak, J59

        The president of Tufts Senior Connection loves watching alumni from her generation "rediscover Tufts and have a great time doing it. . ."more.

      • Pierre Maman, A86

        Managing Director of Acquisition and Leveraged Finance for JP Morgan Chase & Company, Maman, A86, is unwavering in his efforts to educate undergraduates on the the best route to Wall Street. . .more.

      • Bess Dopkeen, A04

        Director of the D.C. arm of the Tisch School of Citizenship and Public Service's Connecting Alumni and Student Experiences alumni mentorship and seminar program, Dopkeen received the 2011 Alumni Award for Young Alumni Distinguished Service. . .more.

      • David Rosenthal, M.D., M63, J87P, AG88P

        Past president of the American Cancer Society and a dedicated alumnus of the Tufts University School of Medicine, Dr. Rosenthal received the 2011 Alumni Award for Distinguished Service. . .more.

      • Dan Coleman, A73

        For his continual enthusiasm and dedication to Tufts—see his volunteer story below—Coleman received the 2011 Alumni Award for Distinguished Service. . .more.

      • Mark Davis Alpert, Esq., A70, A96P, A06P, A06P

        Former president of the TUAA and an integral coordinator of Tufts' 150th anniversary, Alpert received the 2011 Alumni Award for Distinguished Service. . .more.

      • Chris Maddox, A00

        President of Tufts Alumni Los Angeles, the actor and writer remembers thanks Tufts for teaching him to speak Spanish fluently and appreciates the Jumbo connection on the west coast. . .more.

      • Katherine O'Meara-McKersie, J98

        The full-time mother and part-time director of her own dance studio feels a generational tug on her own Tufts heartstrings, and appreciates the opportunity to return to the Hill as a REAL student. . .more.

      • Megan Carter, A08

        The management consultant regrets not taking full advantage of volunteer opportunities throughout her undergraduate career, but is grateful for alumni volunteer opportunities that can make up for lost time and create new friendships . . .more.

      • Jennifer Covell, J86

        The vice president of Legacy Benefits, LLC, in New York City, and president of Tufts Lawyer Association (TLA), still maintains friendships from her freshman year on the Hill and feels proud of the aid TLA has provided to both the Tufts and local Boston communities . . .more.

      • Mike Stone, A07

        President and co-founder of Abroad101, Mike Stone, A07, says he volunteers "because of the people, the continued education, and the impact." The president of Active Citizens of Tufts (ACT) Boston fondly remembers the ever-present spirit of active citizenship on the Hill and helps fellow Boston alumni incorporate this connection into their busy 9 to 5 lives . . .more.

      • David Polk, A05

        Producer for 98.7 WFMT fine arts radio in Chicago, David Polk, A05, reminisces on Kids Day and Tufts in Paris, and reminds his fellow alumni of Tufts pride of ownership . . .more.

      • David Meyers, A96

        Executive vice president of the TUAA and managing editor of member information and research for CQ Roll Call, David Meyers, A96, talks about the comradery of reunions, how volunteering takes him back to the Hill, and how long hours in the Curtis Hall basement prepared him for life on Capitol Hill. . .more.

      • Dan Coleman, A73

        As the Tufts University Alumni Association prepares to launch its Sesquicentennial on Tuftonia's Day, April 30, the chair of the Sesquicentennial Committee, Dan Coleman, A73, speaks with Tufts Magazine about celebrating a century and a half of Jumbo Nation. . .more.

      • London Moore, A09

        London Moore, A09, has taken to heart the advice a professor once gave her: we are all part of the same world, so we need to make sure we all play a part in it . After receiving her political science degree in May. . .more.

      • Nancy Glass, J77

        Nancy Glass, J77, six-time Emmy Award-winning television host, writer, and producer, knows what it takes to make it in the television business. The former Inside Edition and American Journal anchor also knows how hard it is to break into TV. . .more.

      • Keshia M. Pollack, J00

        Since graduating in 2000 with a degree in sociology and a certificate in community health, Keshia Pollack has maintained strong connections to Tufts. Her current work on two Alumni Council committees is bringing bright ideas to student and alumni outreach and engagement. As an assistant professor of health policy. . . more.

      • Doug Harris, A81

        Doug Harris, A81, was recently selected as one of the top 100 distinguished diversity global thought leaders in business, education, and government from the Society of Human Resources Management. He is leader and managing director of. . . more.

      • Elizabeth Cochary Gross, N82, NG88

        Dr. Elizabeth Cochary Gross, N82, NG88, has longstanding ties to the Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy as a graduate of its Ph.D. program, founder of its alumni association, former researcher, and current adjunct faculty member. As the former director of admissions. . . more.