Donor Story, Doug Harris, A81

Doug Harris

Doug Harris, A81, was recently selected as one of the top 100 distinguished diversity global thought leaders in business, education, and government from the Society of Human Resources Management. He is leader and managing director of The Kaleidoscope Group, a Chicago-based consulting firm that helps other companies focus on how diversity and inclusion can be leveraged in today's business world. Harris has 15 years of experience as a diversity consultant and has presented to numerous Fortune 500 companies and elite universities about diversity positively impacting business in the United States and abroad. During his time at Tufts, he was an economics major and a member of the basketball team.

Harris supports The Gerald R. Gill Fund, which was established in 2007 in honor of Professor Gerald R. Gill and his many contributions to the university, from his mentoring and advising students, to his research and scholarship on African-American history. Harris, who also gives to the Tufts Fund, considers Gill a role model because of the considerable impact he made on other students' lives. "To have someone who looks at your situation as an African American student and truly understands you at a deep level and really listens and gives you insight on how to be a bigger and better person; that is special," says Harris. "My whole donation is about not losing that special person even in his absence. I hope this foundation will keep that alive."

"Tufts students came from all different kinds of backgrounds, but they all had the same kind of focus—becoming better people," says Harris, who leads his company based on that philosophy. "Tufts prepared me to be a leader in many ways, to be a leader that always looked out for others....Tufts taught you information, but more so it taught you how to think and how to be aware of how you are thinking."

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