Donor Story, Nancy Glass, J77

Nancy Glass

Nancy Glass, J77, six-time Emmy Award-winning television host, writer, and producer, knows what it takes to make it in the television business. The former Inside Edition and American Journal anchor also knows how hard it is to break into TV.

“There were no communications studies at Tufts when I was in school and no mechanism to support an internship in television. If it weren’t for Dean Nancy Milburn, I never would have been in TV,” says Glass, who now runs her own production company, Nancy Glass Productions, in Philadelphia. “Dean Milburn allowed me to work in television as an independent study project. She encouraged me and supported everything I achieved,” says Glass.

As a Jackson College sophomore, Glass received credit for interning at WBZ-TV, then Boston’s NBC affiliate. It was her doorway to showbiz. Within a year Glass was producing, and by her senior year she was on the air. “I was so bad my parents asked me to change my name,” she jokes. “I wanted to do something creative, dynamic, and that involved storytelling,” she says. “Once I started my internship, I knew what I wanted to do.” Her production company has produced more than 900 hours of prime time cable television, 500 Internet videos, and two shows on Sirius satellite radio.

An overseer at the School of Arts and Sciences, Glass has made a generous pledge that will be matched by an anonymous donor, creating an endowed scholarship for an A&S student. Glass says, “The more I learn about the school, the more I admire the way it is run and the goals set by the administration. Scholarships are very important to Tufts and I want to show my support by giving.”

Glass recalls a recent exchange at Boston’s Logan Airport; a woman at the concession stand noticed Glass’ Tufts notebook and got teary as she described how she and her son had immigrated to the United States from Ukraine hoping for a better life. Her dream came true when her son was awarded a scholarship to Tufts. “It was so heartwarming to see this woman so grateful and happy.”

During that same visit to campus, Glass ran into her favorite professor, Sol Gittleman, whose Yiddish Literature (or “Yid Lit,” as it was nicknamed) was one of her most memorable classes. “I enjoyed the class so much, I saved my notes,” she says. That's why she made a gift that will help a new generation of students attend the school. “I want as many kids as possible to have the phenomenal experience that I had at Tufts,” she says.

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