Volunteer Story, London Moore, A09

President Lawrence S. Bacow, London Moore, A09, Mrs. Bacow, Adele Fleet Bacow

London Moore has taken to heart the advice a professor once gave her: we are all part of the same world, so we need to make sure we all play a part in it. After receiving her political science degree in May, Moore joined Teach for America, a nonprofit that trains college graduates for two-year assignments in low-income school districts. She is teaching in an elementary class in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her Tufts classmates recently elected her to serve a five-year term on the Tufts Alumni Council.

Hopes for her Alumni Council term: I’m big on the idea that it’s easy to stay in touch with the campus wherever you are. Tufts means a lot to students for their four years, and there’s no reason that has to stop even though we are in a different period of our lives. My class was very active and I want to make sure everyone has a chance to continue being active whether that be something on weekends or a service trip. I’m excited to be the liaison that helps drive alumni together.

The importance of giving back: Tufts gave me so much, so the thought of not giving back is absurd! I had so many opportunities to try new activities that I never thought I would do. My junior year I decided to go to Ghana, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.

The story behind the name: My mom had some friends who got pregnant at the same time and decided to name their kids after European cities. I lucked out and got London!

Why a life of service: Having an outgoing personality is certainly a part of my passion for active citizenship and public service. I really just want to play my part. I don't know how you can turn on the news or walk outside and not see that there is so much to be done in this world, and we really are all responsible to do whatever we can to create a better future. I love working with and interacting with everyone that I can.

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