Chris Chao, A03

Current occupation: Commercial Real Estate Lender at The Bank of New York Mellon, New York City

Volunteer experience at Tufts: Asian-American Peer Leading, Tufts Real Estate Network, St. Francis House soup kitchen

Chris Chao, A03, in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Most memorable volunteer experience: I spent my sophomore year as an Asian-American peer leader for first-year students. Along with other peer leaders, we hosted many events and activities for first years to help them assimilate to life at Tufts. I developed many strong friendships during that year, both with other peer leaders and my mentees.

Why volunteer? To be honest, I’m not sure I really view what I do as volunteering. I help organize events for the Tufts Real Estate Network because I think it’s important for alumni who work in the same field to connect well beyond their days at Tufts and expand their Jumbo network. Current Tufts students who may be interested in the field of real estate can benefit from our network by contacting us and asking us questions as well.

What he'd do differently: Looking back, I would have eaten far fewer calzones from Espresso’s and Nick’s, avoided Ultimate Barber shop, and not signed up for as many early morning classes! I also would have liked to have taken more classes in the Experimental College.

Favorite spot on campus: It’s a tie between Jackson Gym and the dining area in Hodgdon Hall. I used to love playing late-night pickup basketball games until midnight in Jackson as much as I loved Hodgdon’s Americanized Chinese food.

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