Volunteer Story, Chris Maddox, A00

Chris Maddox, A00

Maddox was recently awarded the Alumni Chapter Leadership Award by the TUAA for his work with the Tufts Alumni Los Angeles chapter.

Current occupation: Actor and writer

Volunteer experience at Tufts:
President, Tufts Alumni Los Angeles

Most memorable volunteer experience:
My most memorable volunteer experience was when Sol Gittleman spoke to 200 of our alumni at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. It was a very special evening.

Why volunteer?
I volunteer for Tufts to connect people, to foster relationships between current students and alumni, and to stay connected to Tufts while on the west coast.

Tufts experience to relive:
I would experience the opportunity of going abroad to Spain again. That year was one of the most life-changing experiences in my life. The day that Joan Berenguer invited me to come, I was a little numb, and not sure I wanted to go. Nevertheless, I went and had the time of life, and became fluent in Spanish—a true gift.

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