Volunteer Story, David Polk, A05

David Polk

Current occupation: Producer for 98.7WFMT fine arts radio in Chicago

Volunteer experience at Tufts:
I remember helping out for Kids Day on the Hill for local kids from Somerville and Medford, renovating the band shell in a nearby Medford park, and, while not a volunteer experience, I had the extraordinary opportunity to help coordinate the President’s conference on active citizenship with university presidents from around the world in Talloires as a Tufts employee.

Why volunteer?
The most important lesson I've learned from volunteering is that doing so helps the volunteer as much as the person or organization being helped. Alums are connected to their alma mater for the rest of their lives and so it’s important to demonstrate some pride of ownership and help Tufts become the best possible university. And in doing so one can encounter so many interesting people!

If you could bottle up any piece of Tufts and take it home with you forever, what would it be?
I would bottle up a small version of the Eiffel Tower, sparkling at night, and place it outside of my window. That’s the amazing view I had during dinner every night while on Tufts in Paris, and it’s as much a part of Tufts to me as Jumbo—if I could also throw in the entire Tisch library, that would be great, because I still wish I could go there when I have something very important to work on!

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