Volunteer Story, Katherine O’Meara-McKersie, J98

Katherine O'Meara-McKersie, J98

Current occupation: Full-time mother; part-time Director, O'Meara Academy of Dance

Volunteer experience at Tufts:
President, Resumed Education for Adult Learners (REAL) Alumni Association, 2009-present; Alumni Council, 2010-present

Most memorable volunteer experience:
While it is difficult to pick just one, the fall 2010 celebration of the REAL Program’s 40th Anniversary stands out for me. REAL has been a remarkable part of Tufts and it was a joy to share in the commemoration of four decades of success stories. Thanks to Tufts, more than 400 talented returning students have earned a rigorous college degree. So here’s to many more years of the REAL Program!

Why volunteer?
Tufts changes lives! It did so for my grandfather, for my father, and for me. So it is with a grateful heart that I try to help the institution that has meant so much to the O’Meara family—I hope to give back, even a little, always wishing to do more.

If you could relive any day of your life as a Tufts student, which day would it be and why?
For a retired ballet and Irish dancer, coming to Tufts as a REAL student, with a proud Tufts family, made my graduation day triumphant—I would relive graduation day. I would share the moment with my father, William O’Meara, D55, and my grandfather, William F. O’Meara, D23, who had passed away by the time I graduated. My grandfather swept floors—and slept on them—so he could remain at Tufts Dental School. He would have shared in my joy as no other on the day I graduated. It is because of Tufts and my grandfather that three generations of O’Meara’s have had successful lives—as family members, professionals, and active citizens. I wish that I had rented a bus so that all of the O’Meara family could have shared in my joy on my graduation day—a joy rooted in my grandfather’s days at Tufts School of Dental Medicine.

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