Volunteer Story, Kira Doar, A08



What she's doing now: 

Executive and Development Associate at the Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse

How she gives back:

Tufts University Alumni Association Washington D.C. 

Why volunteer for Tufts? 

D.C. can be a tough city to find your way in, but the Tufts Alumni community here provides such great networking opportunities and everyone is so eager to help out a fellow Jumbo! 

I grew so much during my time at Tufts: academically, professionally, and personally. I also met my best friends there, who are still some of the most fantastic and impressive women I’ve ever crossed paths with. Volunteering is my way of giving back to the school and helping ensure that new graduates will have access to the same thriving social and professional network that I did. 

At our 2010 Welcome Week Happy Hour, I introduced myself to a new face in the crowd. When she told me she had just graduated, I responded, “Oh! Me too!” When I then said out loud that I was class of 2008, and she responded that was class of 2010, it hit me that there were two new years of Tufts alumni in D.C. Having lived in D.C. for more than two years since graduating, it was now my turn to help out the more recent graduates with navigating the career and graduate school field in the area. 

If you could go back and relive any day of your life as a Tufts student, which day would it be and why?  

I would go back to the night I became the first female Mr. Jumbo Competition winner (to this day, still one of my greatest achievements). I’ve never had so much fun showing off my Jumbo pride and acting like a total fool in front such a large audience of total strangers, my best friends, Dean Bruce Reitman, and lovely Adele Bacow. 

If you could bottle up any piece of Tufts  and take it home with you forever, what would it be?

Would Dewick brunch fit in a bottle?