2011 Alumni Award Winner, Mark Alpert, Esq., A70, A96P, A06P, A06P

Alpert giving his acceptance speech at the 2011 Alumni Awards

Carolyn Kroll, AG66, J92P, M99P, Awards Committee Chair; Barbara Clarke, J88, TUAA President; and Alpert


Mark Davis Alpert, Esq., A70, A96P, A06P, A06P, is the former president of the Tufts University Alumni Association. During his tenure, the association planned and celebrated its 150th anniversary. Efforts to completely revise the association’s branding and communications were completed, including the new Tufts Alumni website. The association’s outreach programs to increase participation included the expansion of training programs for regional leaders, events for every undergraduate year, and the inception of a number of new affinity groups. Many of these projects were the result of earlier strategic planning and development, but owe their success in part to the efficient and orderly administration during Mr. Alpert’s term. Mr. Alpert served as chair of the Alumni Council’s Awards Committee and has been on the council’s Executive Committee since 2002. He has also served on the Development and Alumni Resources Committees and was an interviewer and regional chair for the Tufts Alumni Admissions Program. As an undergraduate, Mr. Alpert served as a class officer and on the first Tufts Senate. He majored in political science and received the undergraduate American History award. Mr. Alpert is a 1973 graduate of Columbia University School of Law and is admitted before the MA, NH, and CT Bars. He is a chartered life underwriter and completed the Senior Executive Program at the London School of Business. Mr. Alpert began his legal career as a Volunteer In Service To America, and opened a legal services office. For the past 27 years, he has been in the law department of the John Hancock Life Insurance Company and is currently a Senior Counsel with the US Wealth Management unit. Mr. Alpert is named after his great grandfather, Alfred Mark Davis, who as a boy growing up in 1870s’ London, rode Tufts’ mascot Jumbo the elephant. His father, D. Robert Alpert, A35, M39, and his mother, Ruth Wolf Alpert, were also active in Tufts Alumni affairs. Mr. Alpert has been married for more than 40 years to Jane Roberts Alpert. Together they have raised five children in Newton, three of whom are third-generation Jumbos.

Tufts University Alumni Association Citation

"Mark, I met you several years ago when we were both serving on the Awards Committee of the Alumni Association and you impressed me with your enthusiasm for Tufts and your natural leadership abilities. You later became Chair of the Awards Committee and then President of the Tufts Alumni Association from 2008 to 2010.

"Steve Viegas, your classmate and friend wrote in support of your nomination: 'Mark is brown and blue to the core, the son of a Tufts graduate and father of three graduates. Mark told a story at one of our gatherings about his great grandfather who rode Jumbo, our mascot, who was on display in London in the 1870’s.'

"Ann Palmieri, former president of the Tufts Alumni Association, wrote that you have made a 'lifelong commitment to Tufts and the Alumni Association.' In the early years, you were a leader of your class, helping with class reunions and chairing the Tufts Alumni Admissions Program in Newton for several years. Ann stated, 'As president of the Alumni Association, Mark's unwavering support for the Communications Committee and the overall revamping of the alumni website was critical to it becoming a reality today.'

"Sunny Breed, who preceded you as president of the Alumni Association, wrote that during your term, you gave much time, effort, and energy as president of the Tufts University Alumni Association, traveling to meet alumni from around the world and advocating for Tufts and for Tufts alumni at every opportunity. You were an active supporter of the Council's Beyond Boundaries Campaign to raise $20 million from Council members and to reach 100% contributions to the annual fund. Sunny stated, 'Mark never fails to recognize others for their service and work. It's time we recognized his.'

"You have had a very successful career as a lawyer, currently working as Assistant Vice President and Senior Counsel at John Hancock Financial Services. You have raised five children with your lovely wife, Jane, a Skidmore graduate, who also loves Tufts! With all of your responsibilities, you always find time to advocate for Tufts.

"On behalf of the Tufts University Alumni Association, it is my pleasure to recognize you, Mark, for your tireless devotion to your alma mater and to present you with this 2011 Distinguished Service Award.


Photos by Matt Moodono

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