Volunteer Story, Maura Donahue, A10

Donahue, center, with Nytangia Leitzsey, A05, left, and Akrati Agarwal, A10, right, at a Tufts Alumni event in New York City.

What she’s doing now:  Special Education Teacher in New York

How she gives back: Chair, New York Tufts Alumni, since 2012

At our first annual Boat Basin event, a ‘73 alumnus approached the registration table with a huge smile. He happened to be at the venue at the same time without knowledge of the Tufts event and was over the moon to have discovered it serendipitously. He quickly updated his information so that he could be informed of future events, and then treated us to tales of Tufts during the time he was on campus.

I have met extraordinary alumni, all doing incredible work throughout New York City, through my volunteer experience with Tufts. It’s been a pleasure to help design and coordinate events that aim to bring a rich mixture of alumni together, all with a shared commonality in their Tufts experience.

If I could go back and relive any day of my Tufts life as a student, it would be matriculation and commencement—bookends to four jam-packed years on campus that sped by. The latter is a testament to the growth of tremendous friendships and knowledge gained during that span of time.

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