Volunteer Story, Mike Stone, A07

Mike Stone, A07

Current occupation: President and co-Founder of Abroad101.com

As president of Active Citizens of Tufts (ACT) Boston, Mike has been collaborating with other Boston-based alumni organizations to include a charity act into alumni social outings. This year's ACT Boston theme, Hunger and Homlessness, has inspired a shoe drive during the 2nd Annual Jubmo 5K Stampede at Homecoming, a canned goods drive at Sacco's Bowl Haven, and a fundraiser at Hennessy's bar, among other acts of citizenship.

Volunteer experience at Tufts:
My volunteer work at Tufts revolved around literacy and after-school programming. Through the Tisch Scholars Program, I compiled a Medford After School Activity Guide, taught News Production and Media Literacy to Medford Middle School students, and produced and distributed a documentary film increasing awareness around Vitamin D deficiency among youth. I also had the pleasure of working on a Medford after-school literacy project through Hillel.

Most memorable volunteer experience:
I absolutely loved working with the Medford students through my media literacy course. It was a fantastic opportunity to apply the skills I was learning in my Producing Films for Social Change Ex-College course while surrounding myself with a creative and energetic group of learners. I didn’t need any caffeine on my teaching days!

Why volunteer?
I love volunteering with Tufts because of the people, the continued education, and the impact. One of the things I missed most about Tufts after graduating was the luxury of being surrounded by so many passionate, engaging, and diverse individuals. Having the opportunity to volunteer with other Jumbos is a great excuse to see old friends and meet new ones. I also appreciate the fact that volunteering continues to teach me so much, both from fellow Tufts grads as well as members of various community organizations. My Tufts education epitomized the importance of active citizenship and continued experiential learning, and volunteering provides me with a constantly evolving skill set and reminds me to apply similar socially conscious efforts to my profession; it forces me to question and extend my personal capacity when it comes to positive social impact, and I love that.

Favorite spot on the Hill:
I cannot narrow it down to just one, but some favorites include: The cannon, particularly at 4am while painting it with freshman hallmates; the approach to the academic quad from all angles; the view from the top of Fletcher; and the infinite possibilities of Carmichael, where I often challenged myself to “Iron Chef.” Lastly, Tisch’s late-night reading room is a definite (albeit bizarre) favorite. While thinking about the “Attention, please…” late night announcement induces a slight panic, this is where the majority of my work was done, and where I made some of my best friends (including the library guard, who no longer needed to check my ID due to my status as a repeat visitor). I found it amazing that during late night, surrounded by other students desperately attempting to finish their theses and cramming for their finals, I experienced some of the most incredible support, camaraderie, and laughs.

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