Volunteer Story, Nancy Pinn, J88


Nancy Pinn's experiences at Tufts have taught her the importance of connections and bonding

Current occupation: Director of Administration and Student Affairs, Harvard Law School (Graduate Program)

Volunteer experience at Tufts: Tufts Lawyers Association, Tufts Class of 1988 Reunion Committee

Most memorable volunteer experience: Chatting informally with undergraduates at a pre-law networking event. Many were seeking careers in the law as a path to do good works in the world. The students were impressive and inspirational – even though they were seeking my advice, I feel that I am the one who learned a great deal from their hopes and objectives.

Why volunteer?I built a foundation for my life while at Tufts, and solidified my networks and friendships as an active alumna. All of my experiences have shown me that connection is extremely important, and I feel most gratified when I can encourage connection amongst others. It’s the least I can do to give back to the school that has given me so much.

The day as a Tufts student she’d travel back to: I would travel back to the first day of classes in the fall of 1984. The venue? A closet in the old Cohen Auditorium. It was there that I met a classmate (we had both mistaken the closet for a classroom) with whom I have shared many milestones and adventures, and who remains a close friend to this day. If I could revisit that day and that experience, I would bring my 2-year-old daughter with me to show her the value of being open to unexpected connections and enduring bonds.

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