Volunteer Story, Pierre Maman, A86

Pierre Maman, A86, managing director at JP Morgan Chase, leads a discussion at the Wall Street Crash Course

A dedicated volunteer for the first annual Wall Street Crash Course, a day-long symposium for undergraduates led by twenty alumni in the finance field, Pierre Maman, A86, was recently awarded the following service citation by the Tufts University Alumni Association.

"Pierre, for thirteen years you have made it your mission to help Tufts students break into the competitive field of Finance. Your efforts are evident in many ways, from hiring interns and seniors to providing individual coaching and group presentations.

"You reached out to Career Services in 1998 in order to help students learn about careers on Wall Street and prepare them for the rigorous interview process. In addition to the estimated 40+ Tufts students you have personally hired to work at JP Morgan, you have helped hundreds of Tufts students launch their careers through your coaching, feedback, and insight.

"Each fall you travel to Tufts, originally from New York and more recently from your home-base in London. You have recruited additional alumni, many whom you hired, to join you in these Medford excursions. It never mattered to you if these trips were on your own time and at your own expense; you were and are committed to hiring Jumbos. Each spring, you typically return to campus to conduct interview workshops and advise students how to succeed in their Wall Street interviews.

"Pierre, you have never declined a request to help students or Career Services. Rather, you seem to anticipate needs and volunteer your expertise and support. When Career Services decided to take two bus-loads of Tufts students to Wall Street, you immediately stepped up to host these day-long events in NYC. And when asked to keynote at a Wall Street Crash Course held on campus last fall, you graciously accepted.

"You unselfishly give of yourself and your resources and you are a role model for Jumbos. Our hope for current students is that whether their careers take them to Wall Street or Main Street, they will remember your kindness and commitment, and they will continue your legacy of encouraging future Tufts students in their career development.

"Pierre, the Tufts University Alumni Association is grateful for your continued dedication and generosity to Tufts students. It is with great pleasure that we award you with our Service Citation, presented on March 25, 2011."

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