Alumni Council Committee Volunteer Job Description

Volunteer Responsibilities & Expectations:

Term Members are expected to meet the following basic requirements of membership: (a) Financial support to the University and to the Alumni Council during each year of membership; and (b) Active annual service to the University through an Alumni Council committee and/or active service to a recognized alumni organization including, but not limited to, a Regional Tufts club or alliance, a fundraising campaign, a class reunion committee, or the Tufts Alumni Admissions Program (TAAP). In addition, Term Members are expected to attend (in person or via teleconferencing equipment) at least one Alumni Council meeting each year.

Associate Members: Alumni constituencies may appoint individuals to serve as Associate Members of the Alumni Council for a period of one year commencing on July 1. During their term of office, Associate Members shall have the same voting rights and duties as Term Members.

Transitional Members: Beginning in 2000 and annually thereafter, four members from the most recent graduating class will be elected by their class to a five-year term on the Alumni Council with the designation of Transitional Members. They have the same voting rights and duties as Term Members.

Executive committee members spend two hours per month participating in meetings, plus 1-2 hours per month outside of meetings depending on assignments. Standing committees members spend 2-3 hours every other month participating in meetings, plus they may also spend 1-2 hours per month outside of meetings depending on assignments.

Volunteers are expected to make every effort to attend events that have been planned by their respective group, chapter, committee, etc.

Volunteers are expected to make an annual gift--of any size--to Tufts.

Leaders of these organizations are expected to take part in and contribute to the development of succession plans for their respective group, chapter, committee, etc.

Please notify your Alumni Relations staff liaison immediately if you are no longer able to participate as a volunteer or if you need to take a leave of absence from your volunteer duties.

Alumni Council Duties of Office

Term of Service:

Executive committee members serve one year terms, except for the President, who serves four one-year terms (one as President-Elect, two as President and one as Immediate Past President. Standing committee members serve one year terms. Chairs and vice chair of the standing committees are chosen by the President and members of the Alumni Relations staff. Chairs/vice chairs may stay on in their role for more than one year with permission from the President and Alumni Relations staff.

Program Description:

The Tufts University Alumni Council serves as the governing body for the Tufts University Alumni Association (TUAA). TUAA is responsible for alumni programming, both on and off campus, with the support from the university. The Alumni Council consists of approx. 300 members with Term, Associate, Transitional and Emeritus status.

There are 14 standing committees of the Tufts University Alumni Council, plus the Executive Committee and 1-2 ad hoc committees at any given time. The Executive Committee consists of the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, (2) Administrative Vice Presidents, (3) Regional Vice Presidents, and (5) Directors. Each Executive committee member serves as a liaison to a standing committee. Each of the standing committees have a Chair and Vice Chair.

Executive committee members must have served on other standing committees and have demonstrated leadership capabilities in order to be elected to the Executive committee. Standing committee members must be elected members of the Alumni Council (i.e. Term members) in order to serve on the Audit, Awards, Alumni Resources, Financial Resources or Nominating committees.

Staff Support:

Your staff liaison will provide training materials or one-on-one training, as needed.

Your staff liaison will schedule meetings/conference calls according to your group's availability and the will make certain that agendas/minutes are distributed in a timely manner.

Your staff liaison will oversee any and all logistics for mailings, blast emails, event calendar postings, event registration sites, etc. as it relates to the events or activities of your volunteer program.

Your staff liaison will provide support to your group when planning events which may include assistance with venue selection, catering, AV needs, guest speaker(s) confirmation, registration, etc.


For more information, please contact Mini Jaikumar, AG96 ( or Julie O’Connor ( in the Office of Alumni Relations.