Regional Chapter Volunteer Job Description

Please note that job descriptions may vary by region. For a job description tailored to the chapter of interest to you, please email

Volunteer Responsibilities & Expectations:

The primary role of a regional chapter volunteer is to plan events, which most often consists of selecting a format for the program, identifying a venue, preparing promotional communications, and managing logistics at the event itself. Volunteers are also responsible for articulating a vision for the chapter, determining the chapter’s structure and any operating procedures, recruiting volunteers, and communicating with other chapter members and alumni regarding programming and engagement opportunities.

Most regional chapters have steering committees that range in size from 2–12 volunteers. Steering committee volunteers generally spend 3–4 hours per month planning and organizing activities and events and participating in committee meetings. The volunteer serving as the primary contact for planning an event will have an increased time commitment during the 2–3 weeks leading up to the implementation of the program. Volunteers are encouraged to:

  • Make every effort to attend events that have been planned by their respective group, chapter, committee, etc.
  • Make an annual gift—of any size—to Tufts
  • Take part in and contribute to the development of succession plans for their respective group, chapter, committee, etc.
  • Work with other steering committee members to create a strategic vision of the group, keeping in mind both short- and long-term goals and opportunities
  • Plan at least one alumni engagement event per year
  • Leverage personal and other Tufts networks to continually grow membership base of group
  • Maintain ongoing communication (via email is fine) with staff in Office of Alumni Relations to ensure common understanding of goals, plans, and needs
  • Rely on the Office of Alumni Relations and Tufts Alumni for guidance, support, advice, and resources
  • Evaluate one-time and ongoing events to assess their impact and purpose
  • Serve as an ambassador for your group, Tufts University, and Tufts Alumni at events and outside of formal Tufts functions
  • Recruit potential successors and other members of the group’s leadership
  • Submit an annual report and strategic plan to the Office of Alumni Relations each year

Term of Service:

No term limit is in effect, as most steering committees are not elected positions.

OAR Staff Will:

  • Serve as an advocate for the success and well-being of individual Regional Chapters, their volunteers, and members
  • Encourage strategic thinking and planning to maximize the impact of individual groups
  • Recognize volunteers and their work through formal Tufts Alumni awards programs and through additional volunteer and other recognition opportunities
  • Provide training materials or one-on-one training, as needed
  • Schedule meetings/conference calls according to your group’s availability and make certain that agendas/minutes are distributed in a timely manner
  • Oversee any and all logistics for mailings, blast emails, event calendar postings, event registration sites, etc. as it relates to the events or activities of your volunteer program
  • Provide support to your group when planning events, which may include assistance with venue selection, catering, AV needs, guest speaker(s) confirmation, registration, etc.


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Regional Chapters Program Description

The Tufts Alumni Regional Chapters Program has been growing in strength and numbers throughout the past few decades. Today there are more than 70 chapters worldwide. The overall mission of the program is to provide a regional community for Tufts alumni, parents, and friends in major cities and countries around the world.

These regional chapters, part of the Tufts University Alumni Association, plan and organize activities for alumni from all schools within their geographic area. Activities include, but are not limited to, networking, cultural, educational, community service, and sporting events, as well as outings to local attractions and programs featuring distinguished Tufts faculty members and alumni.

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