Alumni Profiles

  • Swimmy Minami, A99

    Profession: Entrepreneur

  • Gregory Maguire, AG90

    Profession: Author of Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

  • Torn Ticket Reunion

    Home: Priscilla Beach Theater in Plymouth, Mass.

  • Gertrude Brown, J34, J64P and Claire Hirsch, J64

    Home: Newton Centre, Mass.

  • Tufts Alumni in Teach for America

    Home: Across the U.S.

  • Tufts Real Estate Network

    Home: New York, New York

    Profession: Real Estate

  • Andrew Parker, A12

    Home: Sudbury, Mass.

    Profession: Appalachian Trail Aficionado

  • Jimmy Edgerton, E06, and Greg Katz, A06

    Home: Washington, D.C.

    Profession: Chickpea Revolutionaries

  • Judith Jaffe, J75

    Home: Maynard, Massachusetts

    Profession: Artist

  • Robert Megerdichian, E74, A75

    Home: Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Profession: Blueprint Architect

  • Brittany Sommer, A08

    Home: New York, New York

    Profession: Curriculum Specialist for Sesame Workshop

  • Scott Thurm, A80

    Home: Los Altos, CA

    Profession: Reporter for the Wall Street Journal

  • Alethea Pieters Harney, A02

    Home: Boston, Massachusetts 

    Profession: Senior Associate for Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications 

  • Linda Malm, J62

    Home: Taos, New Mexico

    Profession: Poet and Emeritus Dean

  • Joseph Neubauer, E63, J90P

    Home: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Profession: Retired CEO of ARAMARK Corporation

  • Jonathan Turetsky, V83

    Home: Westhampton Beach, New York

    Profession: Veterinarian

  • Ken Fan, E01, F07

    Home: Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Profession: Co-founder of Addgene

  • Florence Goldman, J38

    Home: Peterborough, New Hampshire

    Profession: Oldest living emerita Tufts Alumni Council member

  • Angelos Metaxa, A91

    Home: Cologny, Switzerland

    Profession: Entrepreneur

  • Sheldon Rotenberg, A39

    Home: Brookline, Massachusetts

    Profession: Boston Symphony Orchestra Violinist

  • Stephie Coplan, A09

    Home: New York, New York

    Profession: Singer and songwriter

  • Tom Hauck, A76

    Home: Gloucester, Massachusetts

    Profession: Writer and musician

  • Cal Shapiro, A11, and Rob "Rez" Resnick, A11

    Home: Brooklyn, New York

    Profession: Electro-pop-hip-hop duo Timeflies

  • Kathy Stevens, AG89

    Home: Saugerties, New York

    Profession: Licensed Occupational Therapist and Business Owner

  • Beth Jackson-Gagne, AG95

    Home: Rye, New Hampshire

    Profession: Licensed Occupational Therapist and Business Owner

  • Dr. Robert Wenninger, M63

    Home: Wheaton, Illinois by way of Mukinge, Zambia

    Profession: Retired Doctor

  • Ben Gittleson, A11

    Home: Cairo, Egypt

    Profession: Journalist

  • Guster: Adam Gardner, A95, Ryan Miller, A95, and Brian Rosenworcel, A95

    Home: Wherever the tour bus heads

    Profession: Rock band

  • John Saunders, D52

    Home: Weston, Massachusetts

    Profession: Retired Dentist and Assistant Clinical Professor of Prosthetics at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

  • Mary Ann Hubbard, AG75

    Home: Raynham, Massachusetts

    Profession: Radio Station Announcer

  • Dr. Theodore Rosen, A30, M33

    Home: Manchester, Connecticut

    Profession: Retired Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist; Author

  • Amy Krouse Rosenthal, J87

    Home: Chicago, Illinois

    Profession: "A person who likes to make things"

  • Ken Goodwin, E67

    Home: Houston, Texas

    Profession: Retired Computer Engineer

  • Amos Winter, E03

    Home: New Delhi, India

    Profession: Founder and Director, MIT Mobility Lab

    Winner, 2011 Alumni Award for Young Alumni Distinguished Achievement

  • Bud Guzzi, A56

    Home: West Newton, Massachusetts

    Profession: Painter and Illustrator

  • Julia Okinaka, J96

    Home: Oahu, Hawaii

    Profession: Senior Manager, Accuity, LLP

  • Joseph Uvanni, A55

    Home: Rome, New York

    Profession: Retired Chemistry Teacher

  • Kathryn Dudding, J72

    Home: Clifton Park, New York

    Suysel Cunningham, J98

    Home: New York, New York

    Profession: Co-founder and Designer, Tilton Fenwick, LLC

  • Robin Smalley, J77

    Home: Los Angeles, California

    Profession: Co-founder and International Director, mothers2mothers

    Winner, 2011 Alumni Award for Active Citizenship and Public Service

  • Tony Massarotti, A89

    Home: Boston, Massachusetts

    Profession: Co-host, Felger and Massarotti, 98.5 The Sports Hub (CBS), Sportswriter, Author

    Winner, 2011 Alumni Award for Distinguished Achievement

  • John Amoruso, A52

    Home: Houston, Texas

    Profession: Petroleum Geologist

    Winner, 2011 Alumni Award for Distinguished Achievement

  • Debbie Edgers Sturges, AG85

    Home: Hailey, Idaho

    Profession: Painter, Photographer

    Enduring passion: Bears in the wild

  • >Jonathan Addleton, F82

    Home: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Profession: US Ambassador to Mongolia

    Enduring passion: Foreign service as a family

  • Harriet Davis, J76

    Home: Cumberland Center, Maine

    Profession: Part-Time Mom, Part-Time Direct Marketing Consultant

    Enduring passion: Anything Alaska

  • Leslie Ahern, J91

    Home: Lakseva, Norway

    Profession: Mom, Musician

    Enduring passion: Anything lyrical

  • Juliana Blackwell, J88

    Home: Lovettsville, Virginia

    Profession: Geodesist (a scientist who studies the size and shape of the earth)

    Enduring passion: Anything involving horses

  • Deborah Pierce, J71

    Home: Belmont, Massachusetts

    Profession: Architect

    Favorite building material: Stone

  • Matt MacGregor, A03, F08

    If you ask Matt MacGregor, A03, F08, what his favorite country is, his first inclination is to say Vietnam, where he lived for 10 months and worked alongside the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. But then he leans toward Costa Rica...

  • Seth Redfield, NEC98

    Home: Wethersfield, Connecticut

    Age: 34

    Occupation: Astrophysicist; assistant professor of astronomy, Wesleyan University

  • Myra Biblowit, J70

    Home: New York City

    Age: 61

    Current position: President of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

  • Deb Jospin, J80

    Jospin, partner and co-founder of sagawa/jospin, built a foundation at Tufts, which prepared her for a lifelong journey of learning and helping others.

  • Mark Pomar, A72

    Home for now: Potomac, Maryland
    Next Stop: Moscow
    Age: 58
    Profession: International development executive

  • Scott Sigman, A86

    Home: Andover, Massachusetts
    Age: 43
    Profession: Physician, orthopedic surgeon

  • Amelia Simmons, J82

    Home: Austin, Texas
    Age: 47
    Profession: Empress of ice cream (the business she founded in 1984, Amy’s Ice Creams, now has 14 stores in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio)

  • Dan Ehrenkrantz, A83

    Home: Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
    Age: 46
    Profession: President, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (RRC), preceded by 13 years as rabbi of Congregation Bnai Keshet in Montclair, New Jersey

  • Michael Karsch, A90, F91

    It's hard to believe that Michael Karsch could ever have lacked direction. He first invested in the stock market when he was 14 years old. As a member of the class of 1990 at Tufts, he earned his bachelor's degree in political science in just three years...