Alethea Pieters Harney, A02

Alethea Pieters Harney, A02, wants to tell us fun tales from her life on the campaign trails of newly elected Senator Elizabeth Warren or Vice President Joe Biden—but she can’t. “I would have to kill you!” she jokes.

Atethea Pieters Harney, A02, with Senator Elizabeth Warren

The former Tufts Alumni Senior Award winner began her political career as what she calls a “foot soldier”: knocking on doors, handing out flyers (“lit drops”), and doing the other grunt work of a grassroots campaign. As she rose through the ranks, eventually becoming press secretary for Warren’s successful run for the Senate, she made a point to support and encourage the new generation of field soldiers and in return was inspired by their zeal.

In a campaign, she says, “you’re truly committing your life for months and sometimes years. You’re giving up going to weddings, spending time with your significant other, starting a family, so you have to work for someone for whom you feel it is truly worth the sacrifice.”

She calls the Warren campaign “an amazing learning experience.” “We always had to be on our toes because campaigns tend to be so unpredictable—this one was certainly no different,” especially with the quick social media news cycle and Tufts alumni like veteran political reporter David Bernstein, A90, on the trail.

Out of the political arena, Harney is known among her friends as a matchmaker and was the creator of Tufts University Television’s (TUTV) original “Jumbo Love Match.”

Of the two recent romantic matches she’s made that could be headed toward marriage, Harney is very proud to report that one of them is a fellow Jumbo. “I’m always on the lookout for quality candidates,” she says, “so if you’re single and ready to mingle feel free to get in touch!”

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