Angelos Metaxa, A91


Angelos Metaxa, A91

Angelos Metaxa, A91, of Geneva, Switzerland, is an entrepreneur involved in real-estate ventures in Europe and the United States. Previously he was a founding partner of Capital Management Advisors Group, which came to oversee more than $2.3 billion in assets as an alternative investment firm specializing in multimanager hedge-fund portfolios.

A member of the board of Tufts’ Institute for Global Leadership, he joined colleague and Tufts classmate Javier Macaya, A91, on the founding gift for the IGL’s EMPOWER Program for Social Entrepreneurship. EMPOWER helps aspiring entrepreneurs develop the skills and knowledge to pursue ventures with a social perspective, with a particular focus on poverty alleviation.

Metaxa is a patron of Children Action, a Swiss foundation with a mission to help children around the world without regard for nationality, race, or religion. Focusing on medical operations, Children Action has supported projects in Argentina, France, Peru, Romania, Switzerland, and Vietnam.

Q. How is Tufts seen in the world—and how would you like it to be seen? What role would you like to see Tufts playing globally?

A. Internationally Tufts is regarded as one of the top U.S. universities, and public awareness of Tufts increases every year. The International Board of Advisors this past May completed a very successful trip to Turkey as part of the “Tufts in the World” program. A key goal of a trip like this is to raise awareness of Tufts in the country the International Board visits. The success of this trip was summed up by the fact that a total of 361 stories ran in the Turkish media and print, reaching an estimated audience of nearly 19 million people! Such outreach by our university excites me.

I would like to see Tufts become a beacon in the world, attracting talented students from all different backgrounds. We live in an extremely complex world facing extremely complex issues. Tufts’ role globally can be one of an institution of high excellence that provides our world with active citizens who will work relentlessly to tackle these issues.

Q. How does an idealist make a difference in the world of international finance?

A. We have been living through a horrendous crisis over the last few years, the roots of which are based in finance. To be optimistic about our future, one needs to take courage from today’s student body, which is about to go out in this world and help shape this future of ours. To make a difference we need to support the new generation and ensure it has the right tools in hand to overcome our current problems. Knowing that the new generation can learn to be pragmatic about what can and cannot be done makes me believe that we can make a difference in our world of international finance today.

Q. What is most gratifying about your work with the International Board of Advisors?

A. What is gratifying is that we get to use our collective knowledge and experiences as a board and pass advice to Tufts’ Board of Trustees. It is most gratifying to know that our opinion is carefully considered and often acted upon. In addition, this role gives us the opportunity to be ambassadors of Tufts all over the world. It is truly electrifying when we know that our results can be quickly seen and assimilated. I aspire for a long and deep relationship with Tufts, and I am very happy to be playing a role toward developing the full potential of our university.

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