Joseph Uvanni, A55

Joseph Uvanni, A55, proudly stands before his pet project, an 8 ft., 900lb. armillary sun dial

Joseph Uvanni, A55, of Rome, NY, writes that since Tufts he has helped found the Rome Academy of Sciences in Rome, NY, and enjoyed 34 years as a high school chemistry teacher. “The most important thing for the past for 50 years has been my association with the local science fair; two students from this area have been selected to the International Science Fair, the most recent being this year's local winner. I have been the steering committee chairman for the past 45 years. I also spent two years after my retirement building an 8 ft., 900 lb. armillary sun dial for the new local high school that is very accurate and quite beautiful."

Uvanni writes that he has been fascinated with the hobby since his childhood and his backyard is bursting with his collection. "In addition, I have taken up the sport of sail plane flying [gliders], as well as power planes. I am still current with both types of aviation.

"Luckily, I've had my wife, Jan, to assist me and keep me in line for almost 50 years. We have two boys and one girl, and now have 11 grandchildren. To all my old friends, the very best of everything.”

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