Ken Fan, E01, F07

Kenneth Fan, E01, F07, can’t sit still for long. An avid cyclist, sprint triathlete, and adventure travel enthusiast, he is also a very active citizen. A Tufts Alumni Council member and former co-leader of the Asian American Alumni Association, Fan thrives on helping organizations build good foundations.

Ken Fan, E01, F07, in South America

A great example: Addgene, a non-profit organization that helps scientists share plasmids, DNA samples used to study gene function. Researchers around the world use Addgene’s plasmids to study diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson’s. Fan started Addgene with his sister and brother-in-law back in 2004, after a stint in investment banking and a very productive gap year in which he backpacked through much of Asia and Europe.

Partly through that experience, networking through the Fletcher School, and a college summer internship in Hong Kong with the Institute for Global Leadership, he built a network that has since helped his Cambridge, Mass., biotech organization go global. Networking, says Fan, is just one of the many great advantages of Tufts Alumni.

“The Tufts experience doesn’t end when you get your diploma,” he adds. Fan is living proof as he stays connected through volunteer events and has helped to form the new Tufts Alumni Nonprofit Network. The engineering and Fletcher alumnus also hopes to help organize events that bridge graduate and undergraduate alumni communities.

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