Leslie Ahern, J91


Leslie Ahern, J91, with boyfriend, Heming, and sons, August Jasper and Sebastian

Leslie Ahern, J91, of Woodstock, CT, fondly remembers her time as an Amalgamate and has been fortunate enough to translate that love and talent into a Grammy nomination and professional music career in Norway. “I’m not Norwegian,” writes the mother of two, “but I had a Norwegian roommate. She invited me to visit her seaside village and I loved it! It was midsummer and the sun rose in the middle of the night. Sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean, I found myself writing poetry for the first time. I decided to move to Norway for a while. Now it’s been 15 years.

“I formed the band Tweeterfriendly Music in Bergen in the late 90s. We signed with Warner Music, released two CDs and went on numerous tours,” writes Ahern, who has also sung backup for Grammy-winner Sondre Lerche.

“After our Japanese album release and tour, I decided to take a break from performing and start a family with Heming, my Norwegian boyfriend of 15 years. Since then my band members and I have been working on individual projects—I signed a publishing deal as a lyricist with EMI in 2001. Since then my music has been used in movies, ads, and TV shows around the world. I love being a lyricist, especially pairing happy melodies with dark, complex lyrics. I enjoy being cryptic and making people ponder the real meaning behind my words.”

For inspiration, Ahern channels Joni Mitchell and The Indigo Girls. “I love gorgeous, sad songs. I would love for my music to move people to tears. I’ve been writing lyrics for other bands—Ralph Myerz & the Jack Herren Band, Ophelia Hope, Mari Persen, and HP and his Patient Orchestra, among others, and recently collaborated on a song for the Eurovision Song contest—while raising our two sons, August Jasper and Sebastian. I’m now writing songs for my first solo album and I can’t wait to perform my latest material!”

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"Dum Dee Dee Dum"

"Violent Lullaby"

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