Matt MacGregor, A03, F08

If you ask Matt MacGregor, A03, F08, what his favorite country is, his first inclination is to say Vietnam, where he lived for 10 months and worked alongside the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. But then he leans toward Costa Rica, where he taught courses in government and history at a private school and spent his free time surfing. There’s also Ecuador, where he spent 15 months running medical clinics. And the list doesn’t end there.

Now as executive director of the Indianapolis-based non-profit, Timmy Foundation, MacGregor is applying his passion for international relations to improving health services and strengthening local health organizations in developing countries worldwide.

“While I was in Ecuador in 2005, the interaction between patients and doctors and the immediate relief for patients was fascinating to me. I thought, ‘Wow, I’m really doing something amazing,’” says MacGregor, a Rhode Island native. “But then I began to wonder what happens when the medicine and the money run out. Who is there to provide resources and support to those who need it most?”

Now, MacGregor’s role is to make sure these questions have answers.

Founded in 1997, the Timmy Foundation’s mission is to expand access to healthcare and education while empowering students and volunteers to engage directly in global development. The organization sends groups of medical volunteers every two-to-three months to perform medical relief in underserved areas. Additionally, the Foundation channels monetary and in-kind support to partner organizations to help grow their outreach to the poor.

“I’m fascinated by the complexities of international development,” says the former captain of the Tufts men’s soccer team and winner of multiple prestigious academic awards throughout his undergraduate and graduate years. MacGregor is working on expanding the Foundation’s student chapters, which assist with much of the fundraising and advocacy efforts. So far, 10 universities, including Tufts, are on board.

“Tufts was a unique place for me because of the diversity I had access to, “he says. “Tufts opened my eyes and led me to my career today.”

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