Myra Biblowit, J70

HOME: New York City

AGE: 61

OCCUPATION: Management, development, grantmaking, and communications for non-profit organizations

CURRENT POSITION:: President of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (, a private nonprofit that supports “cutting-edge clinical and genetic research by the most brilliant minds around.” Grants have supported work by Charlotte Kuperwasser at Tufts School of Medicine and Robert Weinberg at MIT’s Whitehead Institute that identified new ways to fight metastasis.

MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT: Increasing the foundations’ annual revenues from $10 million to $40 million in her eight years at the helm, providing grants to 166 research pioneers around the world.

FAVORITE COLOR: Pink, thanks to BCRF’s highly successful pink ribbon campaign. “Our corporate partners have sold an amazing variety of pink products to heighten awareness of breast cancer and raise funds—cosmetics, desk accessories, clothing, jewelry, sports equipment, even cleaning supplies. I am proud to fill my house and closet with these pink items. Luckily, my husband, Charles Biblowit, A68, has grown accustomed to them.”

MENTOR: Evelyn Lauder, BCRF’s founder and chair—“the most exceptional example of what can be accomplished with the right combination of determination, keen intuition, and heartfelt concern. Nothing is more motivating than her vote of confidence.

FAVORITE RITE OF SPRING: “Each April for the past nine years, Sir Elton John has performed at our gala as a gift to the foundation.”

DEFINING TRAITS: Energy, optimism, moxie. A lifelong conviction that raising money for worthy causes feeds the soul. Admiration for the people her work helps. “I am astounded by the strength and courage of breast cancer survivors, and I am so very fortunate to lead an organization that has had an impact on their lives.

HER PRIDE AND JOY: Daughter Rachel, 27, a recently married lawyer living in New York City, and son Michael, 23, who is enjoying his first job, at J.P. Morgan.

WHAT GIVES HER HOPE: “The men and women graduating from college today—their sense of social responsibility is extraordinary. I know the future is in good hands.”

HER SCHOOLING: Tufts (B.A., sociology), Brandeis (Master of Social Welfare)

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