Scott Sigman, A86

HOME: Andover, Massachusetts

AGE: 43

PROFESSION: Physician, orthopedic surgeon

CURRENT POSITIONS: Team physician for the U.S. Olympic/World Cup Ski Jump Team and the University of Massachusetts at Lowell; preceptor at Tufts University School of Medicine

PAST POSITIONS: Team physician for the Boston Cannons (Major League Lacrosse) and the Lowell Lock Monsters (American Hockey League); medical staff for the University of Southern California Trojans and the Los Angeles Lakers, Dodgers, Kings (National Hockey League), and Galaxy (Major League Soccer)

MEDICAL PASSION: Arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery—a state-of-the-art, minimally invasive technique for treating some of the most notorious shoulder injuries. “No two tears are the same. Each is a new puzzle.”

RECENT HONOR: Invited to Beijing as part of an Olympic initiative to train Chinese surgeons in knee and shoulder repairs. “I was shocked to learn that there was essentially no shoulder surgery being performed in the entire country.”

INSPIRATION: His wife, Marla. “Managing our four-year-old son, Jayden, and our six-year-old twins, Zachary and Caleb, is exhausting. I look forward to going to work so I can relax.”

COLLECTS: Wines, especially “big reds”— Bordeaux and California cabernets, as well as Barolos and Barbarescos (from Italy)

SEASON TICKET HOLDER FOR: The New England Patriots

TRUE CONFESSION: “I still have a fondness for the L.A. teams from the days I trained at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic. I try to keep my Lakers paraphernalia under wraps in Boston, though.”

DEFINING TRAITS: Intellectually curious. Professionally ahead of the curve. Loving husband and father, kind and compassionate doctor, rabid sports fan. Decided to become an orthopedic surgeon as a tenth-grade athlete with a love of math and science, and insists he “would do it all over again, without question.”

PARENTAL ADVISORY: “We see many more injuries in kids these days because the sports seasons never end. The kids are often pushed too hard.”

HIS ALMA MATER: Tufts (biology)

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