Cal Shapiro, A11, and Rob “Rez” Resnick, A11

The internet has been good to singer/rapper Cal Shapiro, A11, and producer Rob “Rez” Resnick, A11, because they’ve been good to the internet—and more importantly, they’re not afraid to showcase their talent and ingenuity.

Photo: Jordan Wright

With a solid foundation in music theory from Tufts and a mastery of social media, Timeflies has quickly become a household name, or more aptly a dorm room name among college students across the nation.

The duo formed the group in the fall of their senior year at Tufts; “using elements of pop, hip-hop, electro, dub step, and rock,” they say, “Timeflies aims to escape genre limitations to create expressive music.” A few months later they started a webisode series called “Timeflies Tuesday,” treating what has become a “formidable fan base,” according to Vanity Fair, to new, original cuts every Tuesday via YouTube.

Many tracks went viral, including their most popular cover of Disney’s “Under the Sea.” Some have even been featured in ESPN commercials and on national television during The Rose Bowl, The Cotton Bowl, and March Madness.

After a national tour promoting their first full-length album The Scotch Tape (2011), which debuted at #8 on the iTunes album chart and #2 on the iTunes Pop chart, Timeflies released a mixtape titled Under The Influence (2012). They are currently preparing to release another original album as well as routing another tour to perform in front of sold-out crowds across the nation.

Both Shapiro and Resnick majored in music while at Tufts and found their experience with the music department "invaluable." They attribute much of their current success to their study of classical music and composition, and both are “excited to see the department foster the growth and development of popular and electronic music for its students.”

Said Shapiro to MTV News, "It's amazing to think that roughly a year ago today we were graduating college with the hope of growing our fan base. Now here we are, it's been a crazy ride."

Check out Timeflies’ music.

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