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When he was a junior, Joe Stampone, A08, thought he might like to go into real estate. But, he confesses, he was clueless. “I lacked an understanding of what the business actually consisted of and the wide range of roles I could play,” he says. He did, however, have the presence of mind to check out the Tufts Career Advisory Network, which put him in touch with alumni working in real estate. “I was overwhelmed by their response. They were willing to talk, meet for coffee, and give me advice. They went above and beyond to help a stranger, the only connection being Tufts.”

David Wallace, A03; Aubrey Duffy, A03; Arvind Chary, A03; Alex Foster, A03; Benjie Moll, A09; and Joe Stampone, A08

Now an up-and-coming real estate executive in New York City, Stampone is a cofounder of the rapidly growing Tufts Real Estate Network. The group, which he started in 2011 with two other Tufts alumni in real estate—Arvind Chary and Chris Chao, both A03—aims to bring the many Jumbos in the industry together to contribute to one another’s success.

Stampone met Chary after moving to New York in 2009. Chary and a Tufts classmate, Alex Foster, A03, had begun a real estate investment firm called Atlas Real Estate Partners, which buys apartment complexes, office buildings, and other commercial properties. Stampone entered Atlas at the bottom floor, working as an intern. Today he’s vice president of investments, and also writes a real estate blog. The firm continues to favor its Tufts connections, offering internships and working with fraternity brothers, teammates, and roommates to acquire and finance investment properties.

After forming the Tufts Real Estate Network, Stampone, Chary, and Chao decided to move beyond virtual connections and offer live events. They began hosting happy hours in New York City. As word spread, they added an educational component to their gatherings, inviting guest speakers from various corners of the business. “We launched our kickoff event in partnership with the Tufts Financial Network,” Stampone says.

With more than a hundred active members in the New York area, the Tufts Real Estate Network is expanding to new locations. It’s forming a Boston chapter, and has trained its sights on San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. The group also hopes to engage more with current students, whether through campus discussion panels, internships, or trips to New York.

“Real estate is a large business, and there are so many roles you can play,” Stampone says. “Students should understand all the avenues they can take, the highly coveted skills, and the lifestyle each position offers. And we’re here to help.”

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