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Come Back. Give Back. The Young Alumni Challenge for Tufts Financial Aid

May 08, 2013

Celebrate your reunion by helping current students look forward to their own!

In the weeks leading up to Back to the Hill we are trying to meet a challenge. We need 50 members of each of the AS&E classes of 2003-2012 to make their first gift (have not given since June 30, 2012) to Tufts between now and June 9. Just 50!

You can give a dollar. A hundred. A thousand.

Because once your class gets to 50 new donors, an anonymous alumnus will generously donate a $10,000 scholarship in your class’s name. Will you make your gift before June 9?

Last year 7 out of 10 young alumni classes met this challenge and named scholarships for Tufts students who needed a little extra help. Are you and your classmates ready to do it again?

A $10,000 scholarship.

This scholarship will go straight to a student who is excited about Tufts, but may not be able to afford it without your gift. Make your gift today to help a fellow Jumbo. What a way to celebrate your time at Tufts – by giving back.

Last update: 6/24/13

0 donors to go!

0 donors to go!

0 donors to go!

0 donors to go!

0 donors to go!

12 donors to go!

0 donors to go!

18 donors to go!

11 donors to go!

12 donors to go!

50 donors reached!

Elephant drawing by Meghan Vu, E13.