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A Jills Journey Home

April 25, 2013

On April 12-13, more than 95 Jackson Jills alumnae, aka “Super Jills,” came back to campus to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tufts’ oldest all-female a cappella group. Almost every class year since the group’s 1963 founding was represented at the reunion, says Super Jill Liza Levy, A07.

“I don’t believe we’ve ever had this many Jills in one place!” she says. The weekend kicked off with karaoke and dinner at Sound Bites in Ball Square, where super and current Jills enjoyed a signature drink (“The Jackson Chill”) while taking the mic for renditions of “Shadows” by Pat Benatar and the Tufts Fight Song and others. 

On Saturday, the Jills had brunch, took a campus tour, and hit the rehearsal room, before the night’s anniversary show. The weekend was filled with lots of singing and sharing stories, says Levy. She attributes much of the reunion’s success to current Jills President Laura Barnes, A13. Barnes drove the campaign to bring alumnae back to the Hill, even hunting down long-lost Jills via LinkedIn.

Levy says she enjoys returning to Tufts for these rare milestone reunions because they give her the chance to get to know Jills with whom she never sang or went to school, but who carry on the legacy. “I love going back to shows to hear the cutting-edge arrangements the group continues to produce,” Levy adds. “Their most recent album Moonlighting is so pristine, it makes me proud to know and share something with these women.”