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Ken Fan Ken Fan, E01, F07
As co-founder of the biotechnology non-profit Addgene in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he thrives on helping organizations build good foundations.


Alumni Association and Office of Alumni Relations

The Tufts University Alumni Association, which was established in 1860 and now includes more than 100,000 Tufts graduates, welcomes participation from all its members. The Alumni Association strives to promote Tufts' spirit, tradition, and collegiality and to strengthen the links among our members and their alma mater. All graduates from any school or program at Tufts are automatically lifelong members, free of charge, of the Tufts University Alumni Association.

The Office of Alumni Relations, in collaboration with the Tufts University Alumni Association, is pleased to provide many opportunities for our alumni and friends to participate in activities and events that foster a lifelong connection between Tufts, its students, and its alumni.


History & Traditions

Tufts University Alumni Association (Tufts Alumni) has been an integral part of the fabric of Tufts almost since the university’s founding. In fact the “Association of the Alumni of Tufts College” was formed in July of 1860, just four years after the college held its first commencement.


Alumni Council

The Tufts Alumni Council is the governing body of the Tufts University Alumni Association. Its members represent the more than 100,000 alumni of all the Tufts Schools. More…

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