Sesquicentennial Celebration



In 2010, Tufts Alumni celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Tufts University Alumni Association, established eight years after the University was founded in 1852. The objective of the celebrations was to inform the wider Tufts community of the achievements and accomplishments of Tufts alumni.

The celebration included multiple events, programs and projects throughout the year in various locations so that alumni around the world and with many interests could participate. Programming included celebratory and active citizenship events as well as legacy projects with a lasting impact. Tufts Alumni Sesquicentennial graphics, specially designed for the celebration in keeping with the alumni association’s recently developed branding, provided visual continuity to tie all the events and programs together.

Tufts Alumni celebrated Tuftonias Day with students on campus and in 40 different locations around the world on April 30, 2010. We published a booklet documenting the history of the alumni association, produced a commemorative video, and helped students revive forgotten traditions such as Spring Sing and the Tug of War. Banners with the Tufts Alumni Sesquicentennial graphics hung around campus all year; and all mail, email and other communications during the year, as well as all events were branded with special Sesquicentennial graphics. Tufts Alumni also created a registry of over 200 Tufts Alumni Notables and recognized hundreds of alumni volunteers with a commemorative pin.

Tufts University marked this special anniversary of the Tufts University Alumni association with the dedication of an “Alumni Patio” on the hill.