The Tufts Alumni Council, the elected leadership of the Tufts University Alumni Association accomplishes its work through several committees beginning with the Executive Committee. All alumni are eligible to participate on most of the committees; membership on some is restricted to members of the Alumni Council as noted under individual committee descriptions. For more information on the committees, contact Mini Jaikumar, associate director, alumni relations,

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of 14 alumni elected by the Alumni Council from its from its membership at its annual meeting. The Executive Committee includes the president, first vice president, treasurer, two administrative vice presidents, three regional vice presidents, five directors and the immediate past president who serves in an ex officio capacity for two years following the expiration of his or her term. The alumni secretary and the director of alumni relations are also members ex officiis.

The Executive Committee functions on behalf of the Alumni Council in the intervals between the meetings of the Alumni Council. The Executive Committee makes decisions on programming and services for alumni, and alumni association finances and operations with a focus on continually improving the council’s performance in support of the mission and purpose of the Tufts University Alumni Association. Membership restricted to Alumni Council members.

View current members of the TUAA Executive Committee.

Alumni Resources Committee

The committee develops and maintains biographical information on Council members and other alumni who are capable of providing significant leadership and service to the University, as overseers, trustees, reunion leaders and regional leaders, and is a resource to the Nominating Committee and the Executive Committee in their decision-making. It also provides training for new TAC members, and helps them become integrated into the organization. (Membership restricted to Alumni Council members.)

Alumni Weekend Committee

This committee functions as a steering committee in cooperation with the Office of Alumni Relations and University Administration to plan and coordinate the events of Alumni Weekend and to assist individual classes in their reunion planning.

Audit Committee

This committee reviews and audits the financial affairs of the Association at least once a year, or on such basis as otherwise determined by the Committee or the President of the Alumni Association, using good accounting practices. A written report will be submitted to the Council Secretary upon completion of the review and audit. (Membership restricted to Alumni Council members.)

Awards Committee

This committee selects the recipients of awards for meritorious service, such as Senior Awards, Distinguished Service Awards and Service Citations, and plans appropriate presentations. The committee also has purview over the design and organization of all awards ceremonies held under the Tufts University Alumni Association banner. (Membership restricted to Alumni Council members.)

Career Services Committee

This committee works closely with the Associate Director of Alumni Career Services to support and develop career programs and services for students and for alumni, including career networking initiatives for both students and alumni. This year there will be a special focus on developing and marketing the new Tufts Career Advisory Network, which will be a module of the Online Community.

Communications and Marketing Committee

This committee monitors and makes recommendations on communications (including the use of new technologies) between the University and its alumni, the Council and the general alumni body and the Council and its members.

Continuing Education Committee

The Continuing Education Committee seeks to develop, sponsor and publicize new and existing lifelong learning programs, services and opportunities of an educational or cultural nature for alumni and other members of the University community.

Development/Campaign Committee

The Development Committee assists the University in increasing both giving and campaign participation among Alumni Council members and other alumni. It also works with the Alumni Weekend Committee to coordinate reunion-giving initiatives. (Membership currently restricted to Alumni Council members.)

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for creating and supervising the annual budget and for the stewardship of the Alumni Association’s funds. (Membership currently restricted to Alumni Council members.)

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for overseeing, and providing recommendations to the Alumni Council and its Executive Committee on issues relating to the governance, operations and compliance of the Alumni Council and its committees. (Membership currently restricted to Alumni Council members.)

Homecoming Committee

This committee works in cooperation with the Office of Alumni Relations to plan and coordinate the events of Homecoming Weekend.

Nominating Committee

This committee seeks the sentiment and recommendations of members of the Alumni Council, recognized alumni groups, and alumni in general and to make nominations for Alumni Trustees, members of the Alumni Council, officers and directors of the Alumni Association for election in the spring of each year. (Membership restricted to Alumni Council members)

Regional Programs Committee

This committee serves as a liaison to Alumni Chapters, organizations and individuals serving regional alumni. In conjunction with the regional programming efforts of the Office of Alumni Relations, this committee apprises the Alumni Council and the administration of the achievements, opportunities and needs of regional alumni and recommends ways to strengthen and enhance their participation in support of the purpose and mission of the Association. The Regional Programs Committee also collaborates with the Alumni Council, University administration, and alumni to provide regularly-scheduled leadership training for regional alumni chapters and organizations.

Shared Interest Groups Committee

This committee develops and maintains guidelines for recognition of new university alumni chapters based on shared interest or profession, culture, major, or student activity (Shared Interest Groups). The committee reviews applications and makes recommendations for approval of new Shared Interest Groups to the Executive Committee. The committee also identifies shared interest group best practices, continuously evaluates the activity of existing Shared Interest Groups, refines chapter operating and reporting guidelines, and engages in outreach to potential alumni affinity groups. The committee works with the alumni associations of university graduate schools to foster inclusiveness and coordination among all the alumni organizations and a closer working relationship with the Alumni Association.

Student and Young Alumni Engagement Committee

This committee enhances the awareness among students and young alumni of their lifelong connection to Tufts University and of the role of the Alumni Association and facilitates dialogue and programming that address the needs of graduating students as they transition into new phases of their lives.

Traditions Committee

This committee seeks to develop among students, alumni, and friends of Tufts an appreciation of the University's history and traditions. The committee's projects include the Tufts Sesquicentennial Time Capsule and the new publication, Then & Now, which offers a historical tour of the Medford/Somerville campus showcasing its rich past and the growth and change of the campus over time.

Ad-hoc International Committee

The Tufts Alumni International committee serves as a liaison to all International Alumni Chapters, organizations, and individuals serving alumni outside of the United States. In conjunction with the global programming efforts of the Office of Alumni Relations, this committee apprises the Alumni Council and the administration of the achievements, opportunities, and needs of overseas alumni and recommends ways to strengthen and enhance their participation in support of the purpose and mission of the association. The International Committee develops a strategic approach to outreach, engagement, and events for Tufts graduates outside of the United States, and collaborates with the International Board of Advisors.