Alumni Council

The Tufts Alumni Council is the governing body of the Tufts University Alumni Association, which includes all persons who have received a degree from any school or program of Tufts University, as well as those former students who pursued an approved course of study for at least one year. Membership in the Alumni association is automatic and there is no fee.

Nomination forms:

Alumni Trustee
Trustee deadline:
Oct. 20, 2015

Alumni Council
Council deadline:
Oct. 20, 2015

The Alumni Council has 250 term, transitional, and associate members representing all the schools of the university. Nine new members are elected each year to a 5-year term. Upon conclusion of their initial term, members may be offered additional terms by the Council. Each year the senior class elects four “Transitional Members” to a five-year term. This ensures that young graduates are represented in the leadership of the Alumni Association. Alumni who have served for at least twenty years may be offered emeritus membership on the Council; there are currently about 75 Emeritus Members.

The Alumni Council has broad influence on programs and services for all Tufts graduates. Alumni elected to the council are expected to provide significant leadership and support to the university and the alumni body. They make contributions to Tufts by directing programs, services and benefits through the Council’s program committees such as Alumni Weekend, Awards, Career Services, Communications, Continuing Education, Development, Homecoming, Regional Programs, Shared Interest Groups, Student Issues and Young Alumni, and Traditions; and a worldwide network of regional alumni chapters.


The Alumni Career Services Program , which was established at Tufts ten years ago through a joint effort of the Tufts Alumni Council, the Tufts University Office of Alumni Relations and the Tufts University Career Center, provides coaching and training, one on one counseling sessions and networking opportunities for Tufts alumni. The program has served thousands of alumni from all over the United States and the world.

A new program in 2011, Back to the Hill: Young Alumni Festival, jointly developed by the Alumni Council’s Student Issues and Young Alumni Committee and Alumni Weekend Committees invited the most recent ten classes back to campus to take over the Hill and recapture many of the special moments of their Tufts lives—minus the exams! Each June since then, 500-600 alumni from the most recent ten classes, coming from as close as Somerville and as far away as Japan reunite in Medford.

An example of the Council’s financial support of Tufts is the collective pledge made by Council members in October 2006 to raise $20 million and seek 100 percent participation from its membership in support of the University’s Beyond Boundaries campaign which concluded in July 2011. The Alumni Council almost doubled its campaign pledge, raising $39,908,114 and 83% of its members gave to Tufts each year during the campaign period, 2006-2011.

In addition to developing and sponsoring programs and services for alumni, the Council also organizes the annual alumni elections to elect alumni to the Tufts University Board of Trustees and the Alumni Council. 10 of the 40 members of the University’s Board are elected by alumni, two each year for five-year terms (the other 30 are appointed by the Board of Trustees). Alumni Council members are elected by alumni ballot for a 10-year term.

The Nominating Committee of the Alumni Council is responsible for nominating candidates for the Alumni Elections and for overseeing the elections. The Nominating Committee works with the University’s Board of Trustees to determine their needs and select the most worthy and suitable alumni for nomination and eventual election by alumni. For the Alumni Council, the Nominating Committee seeks alumni who have demonstrated support of the university through participation in university or alumni-related activities.

Each year, the Nominating Committee strives to offer a slate which will maintain a council that is as balanced as possible in terms of respective schools within the university, age, gender, geographical location, and ethnicity.


Alumni Association Officers (Executive Committee) 2015–2016

President Kate Kaplan, G95, of Concord, MA
President Elect David Meyers, A96, of Washington, DC
Vice Presidents Diana Lopez, J78, of Brooklyn, NY
Vikki Garth, J81, of London, England
Keshia Pollack, A00, of Baltimore, MD
Richard Yanofsky, J76, of Needham, MA
Directors Jennifer Covell, J86, of Brooklyn, NY
Ken Fan, E01, F07, of Somerville, MA
Mark Ferri, A84, F86, of Saugus, MA
Doug Moll, A85, D85, DG91, of Bedford, NH
Jason Potts, A00, of Boston, MA
Stephen Wermiel, A72, of Cabin John, MD
Treasurer Erwin Thompson, E02, of Brookylyn, NY
Immediate Past President Brian McCarthy, A75, of Los Angeles, CA

Elected by the alumni body to the Alumni Council (the governing body of the Tufts University Alumni Association) as Term Members for a 5-year term, 2015–2020:

From the School of Arts and Sciences
Bess Dopkeen, A04, of Washington, DC
Bridget Fay, E03, of Wellesley, MA
Daniel Grayson, A06, of Baltimore, MD
Amy Kumpel, E01, of Concord, MA
Nathalie Lubin, A05, of Brooklyn, NY
Scott McArthur, E12, of Somerville, MA
Sheri Sakin, A86, of Sands Point, NY

From the Graduate Programs in Arts, Sciences & Engineering
Chris Di Fronzo, E96, EG04, of Providence, RI

From The Fletcher School
Peter Maher, A07, F14, of Somerville, MA

From the School of Dental Medicine
John Golub, A81, D85, DG87, of Woodcliff Lake, NJ

From the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Andrea Slate, V07, of Tampa, FL

Elected from the School of Arts, Science, and Engineering Class of 2015 for a five-year term, 2015–2020:

Gabriel Lara, A15
Mark Meiselbach, A15
Marcy Regalado, A15
Julia Stein, A15