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Senior Transitional Member Election

Each year the Tufts Alumni Council, the governing body of the Tufts University Alumni Association (TUAA), welcomes four members of the graduating class to participate in positions referred to as "transitional member" appointments. The undergraduate senior class has the opportunity to elect four of its peers to serve in this volunteer capacity for a five-year term.

This year we have a slate of six senior candidates. Seniors may vote for no more than four can During their tenure, transitional alumni council members will provide energy and leadership to improve young alumni programming and services, strengthen ties between alumni and students, and participate actively on committee assignments addressing relevant issues for younger graduates.

didates via the online ballot. Voting is open through April 15, 2016.

Here are the six candidates who will be taking part in this year's election:

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Mod Boon-Long

Favorite Class: Either Media and Society with Sarah Sobieraj or Main Currents of Spanish Literature II with Dean Simpson

Favorite TUAA Event: 100 Days to Graduation and looking forward to Senior Dinners!

Statement: Over the past four years at Tufts, I’ve come to meet people of various backgrounds who are so passionate about an array of different interests. It amazes me all the time how interesting and smart and driven my fellow classmates are, and I know I’ve made some lifelong friends here during my time at Tufts. And just because we’re graduating after these four years doesn’t mean we can’t continue meeting our fellow classmates―I know for a fact that there are people in the Class of 2016 that I have yet to meet, and would love to meet. I’m so honored to be a part of this class, surrounded by amazingly talented people from all over the world. This is why I believe that it is so important that we stay connected as fellow Jumbos, and continue to create new relationships. After all, the Tufts community reaches all corners of the world and spans across generations.

As a senior transitional member, I will represent the Class of 2016 to the best of my abilities within the Alumni Council. As a Tufts alum myself, I want to know what my classmates and fellow Jumbos are up to and be informed about events and exciting news happening on campus, whether it’s through social media, email newsletters, or alumni events nearby. The Alumni Council should also act as a resource to support our transition as we start the next chapter of our lives, whether it’s by connecting us to fellow Jumbos in a new city, assisting with career advice, applying to graduate schools, or informing us about Tufts-related events in the area. Finally, the Alumni Council should connect us with current students at Tufts and tell us about ways to give back to the university that brought us together in the first place. Whether it is through alumni career panels, student-alumni mentoring programs, or reaching out to students about career/internship opportunities, there are many important ways for the Class of 2016 to stay connected with students on campus. The Alumni Council plays a vital role that benefits both current students and alumni, and I want to make sure that we serve you, the Class of 2016, to the best of our ability.

My time at Tufts has truly been an experience of a lifetime, and it’s an experience that I want to continue by keeping us connected to each other, to other alumni, and to Tufts University. I hope to represent you as a transitional member of the Tufts Alumni Council and thank you for your consideration!

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Jason Brillon

Favorite Class: A tie between Computation Theory and Contemporary Multiethnic Literature

Favorite TUAA Event: 100 Days Celebration

Statement: In a few short months, The Class of 2016 is going to head off into the world, making great accomplishments in all sorts of fields, in all sorts of places. I want to have the opportunity to bring our class and other young alumni together through meaningful and engaging events and communications.

For the past four years, I have worked alongside Alumni Relations, serving on our elected Class Council and planning events like 100 Days, Junior Sendoff, Halfway There, and Homecoming. My experience planning these events, as well as events like Winter Ball, Fall Gala, Senior Night, and the upcoming Senior Week (get excited), has given me the skills needed to create and market events to a large subset of the university community. I look forward to planning events like these in the future, be they big (e.g. class reunions), or small (happy hours).

Many cities have a lot of Jumbos, and I think that the Alumni Association can offer not only city-wide and regional events in these cities, but also smaller meetups. These smaller meetups can be targeted at specific groups of Jumbos with specific interests to help us find friends in new cities. Outside of programming, I think that social media is a powerful way to keep Jumbos everywhere connected with each other and with the Alumni Association. Better utilizing social media outlets, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc can maintain and strengthen these connections. I also want the association to send out newsletters where we Jumbos can submit major life updates like getting engaged or married.

Careers are another important part of our post-grad life, one that the Alumni Association can make use of. The association can offer major-specific or career-specific LinkedIn or email groups. In these groups we Jumbos can post job openings or exciting articles related to our fields of study. These groups can also be a place to engage with the Tufts Career Center; we can use the Career Center to engage with current Tufts students looking to intern at our company or go to our graduate school.

I have loved so much about my time here at Tufts. I want to continue offering fantastic programming that will bring Jumbos together, and I would love the opportunity to do this as a transitional member of the Tufts University Alumni Council!

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Kathryn Gibb

Favorite Class: Health and Human Rights (Fernando Ona)

Favorite TUAA Event: Halfway There Ceremony

Statement: Hi all, my name is Kathryn Gibb and I would love the opportunity to be representative of the Class of 2016 on the Tufts Alumni Council! As graduation day approaches, we are closer to becoming Tufts alumni and going our separate ways. At the same time, it’s important to remember that a Somerville or Medford address isn’t the only thing that connects us. While we may have been members of different organizations, lived in different dorms, or had different majors, we are all still members of the Tufts community. The memories we’ve made on this campus over the past four years have defined our unique Tufts experience. Graduation doesn’t mean that we have to leave the Tufts community, but rather that we have the chance to develop it further through the Alumni Association. I know that as a transitional member of the Tufts Alumni Council, I can do my best to keep recent grads connected, informed of what’s happening on the Hill, and what Jumbos are doing across the globe.

I have been lucky enough to be a member of the Tufts Programming Board and have had experience planning both large and small-scale events for the Tufts community. I hope that as a member of the Tufts Alumni Council, I can use the skills I’ve learned from this organization to help plan engaging and relevant events that both alumni and current undergraduates would want to attend. I believe there should be stronger connections between undergraduates and recent alumni so students feel comfortable navigating the real world post-graduation. In order to facilitate this, a system could be set up so that academic advisors can connect seniors with recent alumni who may have graduated with a degree from their department. This would facilitate networking in a way aside from an awkward five-minute conversation at a large-scale event. Aside from planning events, I would hope to keep the Class of 2016 connected and informed of the greater Tufts community through social media and a website similar to TuftsLife. Most students have multiple social media accounts, so this would be an easy way to quickly distribute information. I also know that it’s easy to overlook the countless emails that enter our inbox, so I believe that a website with different categories based on interests (housing, jobs, etc.) would be useful to recent graduates.

Thank you and I hope you consider me as a representative of the Class of 2016 on the Tufts Alumni Council!

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Carolyn Kwon

Favorite Class: Ladino Language & Culture and ELS Marketing with Jack Derby

Favorite TUAA Event: Looking forward to seeing President Monaco’s house at Senior Dinners!

Statement: My best learning while at Tufts came from the interactions I had with my fellow peers. Often, these interactions occurred outside of the classroom through participation in different organizations/events or through more casual moments in Dewick and Tisch. Such interactions and relationships are what I hope the Alumni Association will encourage by providing opportunities that cultivate a culture of support and networking for Tufts students both past and present.

As a transitional council member, I desire to use this role to increase engagement in three ways: with one another, other Tufts alumni, and the university. First, our class should remain informed about relevant information that helps us support one another in the initial years following graduation. For instance, not only should we have transitional members facilitate this change, but also local ambassadors who can provide ways for groups of students to build community in a new city or environment (e.g., available housing, events to connect, etc.). With regards to engaging with other Tufts alumni, I hope to continue developing events similar to the ones already being hosted, including ski trips, bar nights, and gatherings. Additionally, I believe that we should be more open to what the Tufts alumni would like to have as events as a way to best reflect the different classes’ preferences through polls, recommendation submissions, etc. Finally, I believe as a way to connect the Tufts alumni to the university, we need to inform both parties as to how to build relationships through networking events and leverage social media platforms (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). We need the best resources and means to equip each other to navigate the professional workforce. In my job at LinkedIn, I will already be familiar with the Tufts Alumni Network and would like to offer my understanding of this site to the benefit of the greater Tufts community. In conjunction with the Alumni Association, the university should offer clearer ways to connect with each other (e.g., Career Services sends out job postings, the Admissions team mentions what schools they are visiting and interviewing opportunities, etc.).

To conclude, I believe the most tangible legacy we can have as a class is the impact we have on future generations of Tufts Jumbos. We can begin by forming a closer bond together and building bridges with those who have already graduated. I am excited by the opportunity to represent the Class of 2016 and thank you for your consideration!

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Matthew Marber

Favorite Class: Computer Interface Design with Michael Wiklund

Favorite TUAA Event: Halfway There

Statement: I am really excited about the opportunity to represent the Class of 2016 as a transitional Alumni Council member. Tufts would be nothing without its students and we are each other’s biggest support network. My primary goal will be to continue this community regardless of how far apart we are from one another. It is imperative to keep our connections strong, not just with the Class of 2016, but with all Jumbos.

During my undergraduate career, I’ve enjoyed working with the Alumni Association through my various positions on the Programming Board. I am always impressed by the quality of events put on by the Alumni Association and I hope to plan future events, such as class reunions and regional meetups. I have experience planning campus-wide events, from Winter Ball to Spring Fling, and I will use my event planning skills to create innovative events that alumni want to attend.

As part of the Tufts University Alumni Council, I want to see an increase in the interactions between alumni and current students. Currently, the CASE Network Mentor program connects undergraduates with alumni mentors during Washington, D.C. summer internships. I want to expand this program into more cities nation and worldwide to provide even more students with a mentorship experience.

I am incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful experiences I’ve had at Tufts and for all the amazing people who have shaped this experience. I can’t wait to keep the Class of 2016 connected with Tufts and its greater alumni network for years to come. Roll ’Bos!

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Hira Qureshi

Favorite Class: Social Psychology with Sam Sommers

Favorite TUAA Event: Welcome Back Seniors Reception

Statement: Hi Class of 2016! Like many of you, I am freaking out about graduation around the corner. Tufts has been our home for the past 4 years - it will be difficult to leave this campus and all of you. I am, however, excited to see where all of our next journeys take us. It is reassuring to know that we have such a strong network of Jumbos all over the world - I want to make sure this Tufts family never feels too far away.

As a transitional member of the Tufts Alumni Council, I will work to connect the Class of 2016 with our dynamic network of Tufts Alumni and ensure that everyone finds the network approachable and useful as we all transition to our next steps. I believe our Tufts network is especially critical during our first few years into the “real world.” It can be an overwhelming and stressful time for some, and I want to make sure that the Alumni Association can be a place for our class to come to for support and advice. Whether you need career or graduate school advice, are trying to adjust to a new city, or want to balance your work and social life, Jumbos around the world have answers and I want to help connect you with them.

Specifically, I hope to expand the number of events that allow alumni to meet up in cities around the world. In addition to networking and social events, I think it is important to have training events focused on career development and mentorship. I especially look forward to increasing the accessibility of networking by encouraging Jumbos to take advantage of LinkedIn, JumboJobs, and other social media outlets. This will ensure that our expansive Tufts alumni community stays connected. In addition to having our larger network, I want to create a variety of professional and non-career related interest groups. This would be another way for alumni with similar interests and passions to collaborate with one another.

My favorite part of Tufts has been the people I have had the opportunity to befriend. I have continuously been challenged, inspired, and motivated by my classmates. I would love to represent the impressive Class of 2016 on the Alumni Council. Thank you for your consideration!

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Patrick Williams

Favorite Class: Entrepreneurial Marketing (Gavin Finn)

Favorite TUAA Event: Looking forward to Senior Dinners

Statement: I’ve been fortunate to have such an amazing experience at Tufts due to the student groups, sports, organizations, and courses I’ve been a part of. The relationships I’ve gained through these settings shouldn’t end at the Hill, but should continue as we all embark on various journeys in life. I believe that the Tufts Alumni Council plays an important role in ensuring that current students and alumni can connect with one another for opportunities, insight, support, and mentorship. Because of alumni, I was able to learn about career opportunities that were available. I am a prime example of how Tufts alumni give back to current undergraduates, and I want to continue such a cycle. I would make sure that such an opportunity is available to all students, and that the alumni connection to students is continuing to be built upon such a foundation that has been set.

I believe the alumni connection between one another is good, but not great. The opportunities for alumni to connect with current students are good, but not great. As a member of the Alumni Council, I think special interest groups would be the best way to optimize alumni participation on the Hill. Every alumnus, just like students, has a special connection with something they have done on campus. Be it their major, sports team, extra-curricular group, I would push for alumni to connect with students in these activities so that we build interconnectivity amongst alumni and students.

I would push for programs and databases to be created that will create dialogue amongst majors, alumni, and undergraduate students. Connecting the main three sources of what builds Tufts University would be my main goal. Keeping this engagement would be the challenge, but it is something I’m willing to work towards. Building our alumni connections benefits all involved with the university, and because my experience has been so rewarding I want to work as hard as possible (while representing the Class of 2016) to assist those affiliated with the university in some manner.

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