Election Information

The 2017 Alumni Elections were held February 27 through April 11, 2017. 4,540 (6.6%) of 68,705 alumni from all Tufts schools to whom ballots were emailed, voted. This was:

  • Second highest number of votes, the highest being in 2014, when 4,760 alumni voted.
  • 4,035 alumni from all schools (5.9%) voted for a trustee candidate
  • 3,921 alumni voted for Council candidates
  • 24.6% voted on mobile devices
  • 4,482 voted in 2016 and 3,633 in 2015

Voting by Tufts school was as follows:

Election Results

Tufts University Board of Trustees
Kate Atkinson Kaplan, AG95 of Concord, MA was elected to the board for a five-year term, November 2017- November 2022.

Tufts Alumni Council
The following alumni were elected to the Alumni Council for five- year terms, July 2017-June 2022.

From the School of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering (Undergraduate School)
1. Sunindiya Bhalla, A04, of Acton, MA
2. Kristen Davenport, A12, of Fort Collins, CO
3. Lora DeFelice, A94, of New York, NY
4. Denise Ho, A05, of Hong Kong
5. Claire Johnson, A05, of Arlington, MA
6. Michael Laha, A10, of New York, NY
7. Maria Maccarone, J90, of Brooklyn, NY

From the Graduate Programs in Arts, Sciences, and Engineering
David Gulla, EG88, of Westford, MA

From the School of Dental Medicine
Cynthia Tsamtsouris, J87, D91, DG94, of Bedford, MA

From the Fletcher School
David Sussman, F04, FG15, of Williamstown, MA

From the Sackler School
Tamara Howard, SK81, of Oxford, UK

From the 2017 Class of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering
Meaghan Annett
Tafari Ellis Duncan
Benjamin Sack
Joshua Terry

The Nominating Committee of the Tufts Alumni Council will call for candidate nominations for Tufts University Trustee and Alumni Council members in the summer, and nominate candidates in the fall of 2017 for election in February-March of 2018. Meanwhile, we welcome your nomination of Trustee and Council candidates at any time!.