Alumni Council Duties of Office

The Tufts Alumni Council serves as the governing body of the Tufts University Alumni Association. All persons who have received a degree from any school or program of Tufts University, as well as those former students who pursued an approved course of study for at least one year are automatically members of the Tufts University Alumni Association, without charge. Alumni Council members are elected by the alumni body and the Council has control and supervision of the Association's affairs.

Those elected to the Council are required to provide significant leadership and support to the university and alumni. They make contributions to Tufts by directing programs, services and benefits for all graduates. Council members are also expected to contribute financially to Tufts and to the Council.

The Council's work is accomplished primarily through its numerous Tufts University Alumni Association committees and worldwide network of regional alumni chapters. Council members research and implement important initiatives through the following standing committees: Executive, Nominating, Awards, Student Issues and Activities, Career Services, Homecoming, Alumni Weekend, Continuing Education, Development, Regional Programs, Financial Resources, Communications, Traditions, and Young Alumni.

Members of the Alumni Council are elected by alumni ballot for an initial 5-year term, and the candidates nominated are alumni who have demonstrated support of the university through participation in university or alumni-related activities. The Nominating Committee attempts to offer a slate which will maintain a Council that is as balanced as possible in terms of respective schools within the university, age, gender, geographical location, and ethnicity.

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