Election opens on 2/16!

How to Vote

Look in your inbox starting on 2/16 for emails about the election with your direct link to the ballot. No need to log in or remember a password!

If you do not receive an email with a link to the ballot, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at alumni@tufts.edu or 1-800-THE-ALUM (800-843-2586).

Election deadline: March 30, 2015, 11 pm EDT

Council Candidates
Council Member Duties

Dear Fellow Alumni:

As Tufts University alumni, we have the privilege of selecting alumni to serve as members of the Tufts Alumni Council, the leadership of the alumni body. You have the opportunity to shape our university and to strengthen our alumni association by voting for these candidates. Please take a few minutes to review the slate of candidates presented by the Alumni Council’s nominating committee—and then vote when you receive the election email with a link to the ballot.

Your voice is needed to strengthen Tufts for the future. In the 1990s, political consultants believed that young people never voted, so campaigns left them out. Researchers who are now part of Tufts Tisch College conducted experiments that proved that by contacting young people and asking them to vote, campaigns could raise their turnout rates, cost-effectively. Barack Obama got that message and used it to mobilize young voters on his way to the White House. The Tisch research implies that by asking you to vote in the TUAA elections, I can boost your turnout. So please vote!

Kate Atkinson Kaplan, G95
President, Tufts University Alumni Association

Learn more about the council member candidates.