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Ten candidates from AS&E, two candidates from the Graduate Programs in AS&E, two candidates from the School of Dental Medicine, two candidates from the Fletcher School, and one candidate from the Sackler School are running for seats on the Alumni Council. Click on a candidate's name below to read about his/her qualifications. Voting for Alumni Council members is school-specific. You may vote only in the ballot section representing the schools you attended.

Election deadline: April 11, 2017, 11 pm EDT

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Undergraduate Schools of AS&E

Sunindiya Bhalla, A04, MG05, Acton, MA

B.A., Child Development, 2004; M.P.H., 2005; M.B.A., Brandeis University, 2011

Occupation: Senior Director, Community Impact, United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley

Previous Occupations: Program Coordinator, Children’s Trust of MA

Tufts-affiliated Activities: Committee chair, Tufts Alumni Admissions Program, 2005–2013; founder and co-chair, Tufts Public Health Alumni Association, Tufts University School of Medicine, 2006–2009; member of planning committee for 10-year reunion, 2014; attend various alumni events in Boston area with Association of Tufts Alumnae and Active Citizens of Tufts; volunteered at Foster Children’s Holiday Party for a number of years; attended/spoke at a few Senior Dinners; participated in Career Services panels

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Member of the alumni board of the Heller School at Brandeis University and chair of Outreach & Recruitment Committee; Campaign Committee member and advisor on Brain Building Advisory Board at The Discovery Museums, Acton, MA; member of Program Committee, Children’s Trust of MA

Statement: Since my time as a student, I have always been actively engaged with Tufts in a variety of capacities. My experiences at and with Tufts truly contributed to who and where I am today, first as a student and over the past 11 years as an alumna. The activities that I have engaged in with Tufts, both as a student and as an alumna have been more significant than my academic experiences and just as valuable as work experiences. I would like to deepen this engagement and share the value and appreciation of being a Tufts alumna with others and encourage their involvement as well. I look forward to the opportunity to keep abreast with current happenings at Tufts and support the university as best I can. I am involved with a few boards, but carefully select what I get involved in because I give more than 100 percent to everything I do. I also feel that I have much to offer in the way of being able to engage alumni, given my focus on individual engagement of donors and volunteers in my work with United Way and my strength and passion in building relationships and community among people connected by a common organization or cause.

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Jon Cheng, A13, New York, NY

B.A., Sociology, 2013; Minor in Communications and Media Studies

Occupation: Senior Consultant, OgilvyRED at Ogilvy & Mather

Tufts-affiliated Activities: Marketing manager, Tufts Student Resources (TSR); features editor at Tufts Daily, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Tasty Tufts; vice president, Tufts Culinary Society; executive board member, Taiwanese Association of Students at Tufts

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Restaurant critic, the Telegraph, Time Out magazine; food columnist, GQ UK, the Village Voice, Boston magazine; research assistant, Clark Wolf Company, a restaurant consultancy; research assistant to Dr. Nader Tavassoli, London Business School

Statement: I pledge to give back by broadening Tufts’ global reputation through brand (having been a brand consultant for nearly four years), culture (having grown up in Singapore to Hong Kong–raised parents, and having spent over a year abroad working in London), and a more robust career network. As CMS is now a fully-fledged major, I hope to serve as an advisor to potential hires in the marketing space by working with the CMS faculty and fellow alums to host panel seminars. I would devote time and resources (case studies, guest speakers, etc.) towards programs, notably at the Ex-College, as well as other A&S initiatives. As I travel frequently, I am also committed to meeting fellow alumni and prospective students in Singapore, Hong Kong, and London.

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Kristen Davenport, A12, Fort Collins, CO

Biochemistry, Arts and Sciences 2012; Ph.D. expected 2017, D.V.M. expected 2019, Colorado State University

Occupation: Graduate Student, Colorado State University

Tufts-affiliated Activities (Student): Pep Band, JumboCast, tour guide, Admissions intern, student ambassador for University Advancement

Tufts-affiliated Activities (Alumnae): Tufts Alumni Denver: board member (2014–present) and active participant (2012–present); Tufts University Alumni Council: transitional member (2012–present); TUAC Career Services Committee: member (2012–present), vice chair (2015–2016), co-chair (2016–2017); TUAC Regional Programs Committee: member (2014–2015); TUAC Alumni Resources Committee: member (2016–2017)

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Colorado State University Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology Department Graduate Education Committee: student representative (2015-2017); Colorado State University Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology Department Graduate Student Organization: president (2014–2016), treasurer (2012–2014); Colorado State University Student Chapter of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners: treasurer (2014–2016), first year representative (2013–2014)

Statement: I moved to Colorado months after graduating from Tufts, but I’ve never felt far from the Hill. I have served as a transitional member of the alumni council since graduation. More locally, I’ve been active in the Tufts Denver chapter and I’ve interviewed lots of Tufts applicants. My service allows me to feel close to Tufts, despite the time and distance. I’m particularly interested in continuing to improve the efficiency of the committee work that drives the alumni council’s efforts. I have served on the career services committee for five years and currently serve as the co-chair. During these years, I’ve seen a variety of organizational approaches, and I enjoy the challenge of making committee work fulfilling and effective. My experience with my local alumni chapter and with admissions interviews has given me some understanding of the breadth of alumni experiences with Tufts, which influences my goals for the alumni council. There are certainly different means of connecting to Tufts that appeal to different alumni, and I will keep my ears and mind open for new opportunities for alumni. I look forward to continuing to serve and to get better at what I do. Thanks for your support!

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Lora DeFelice, J94, London, England

B.A. in Economics and International Relations, 1994; M.Sc. in Management, Boston University

Occupation: Strategy Advisor

Tufts-affiliated Activities: Co-chair, Tufts Alumni London (2002–present); main organizing committee, Tufts Global Reach London 2016; responsible for all London Social Media campaigns

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Trustee of the Royal Female School of Art Foundation, career coach at Dress For Success London, mentor for women in finance, organizing volunteer for Boston University Alumni chapter in London, cook at a local soup kitchen

Statement: For the past two decades, Tufts has continued to be an important part of my life. I wish to give back to the university and our community of alumni the same benefits that I receive everyday via the experience, knowledge, and above all friendships I made at Tufts. Above all, I wish to join the Alumni Council to contribute to the university on a more substantial, strategic level, with my two decades of operational and financial experience. I believe alumni relations are essential to the university’s long-term advancement and as such need to be serviced with the same quality and quantity of resources as other activities of the university. The Alumni Council can fill in gaps that overall budget restraints may create. Alumni Council activities and advisory functions are therefore vital in the long-term to maintain the university’s reputation, which attracts the best students, professors, and grants. At the same time, the activities of the council should ensure that regional and global alumni activities provide life-long loyalty and pride post-graduation via enjoyment, connection, and continued learning. By joining the council, I hope to be able to service both the university and the global alumni community with the same diversity, professionalism, and enthusiasm I bring to our London community events.

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Denise Ho, A05, Hong Kong

B.A. in International Relations & Economics, 2005

Occupation: Corporate Banker, Citi

Tufts-affiliated Activities: Tufts Chorale, Tufts Daily—Production Chief and Editor, Co-Head Alumni Association Hong Kong, TAAP Hong Kong

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Council Member of Changing Young Lives Foundation, a charity focused on providing development and educational opportunities to disadvantaged youth in Hong Kong; board member of Project X Team, a legally incorporated society focused on promoting fitness and empowerment through sport in Hong Kong; Citi Green Team, an employee-led team focused sharing best practices related to sustainability in the work place and implementing such practices in the work place

Statement: I am truly grateful for my experience at Tufts—the education, fellow students, and overall environment inspired me to incorporate the qualities of global citizenship to this very day. I speak to prospective students about this being one of my greatest takeaways during our TAAP interviews, and I would be honoured to be able to speak further on this with the broader alumni network as a member of the Alumni Council. From a regional perspective, Asia is an ever-growing portion of Tufts’ alumni population. Given my ties to Hong Kong and the region as my home, as Alumni Council member, I would work to strengthening alumni bonds both locally and across the region. For example, I would like to explore whether we can encourage our alumni to emphasize their alma mater more prominently during industry events. After all, alumni are not only our best ambassadors for prospective students, but also towards their parents. Giving Tufts more frequent exposure in the professional world would further raise Tufts’ prominence. I would be interested to learn what other ideas the council and alumni have, and would be keen to help bring these aspirations to fruition in Asia.

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Claire E. Johnson, A05, Arlington, MA

B.S. in Psychology, 2005; M.S.W., 2007, Boston College

Occupation: Care Management Specialist/Staff Clinician at Tufts University

Previous Occupations: Zumba instructor at Boston Sports Clubs; Intake Coordinator at Heading Home Inc.; Personal Banker at Bank of America

Tufts-affiliated Activities: Alumni interviewer for prospective students; Tufts Black Alumni Association mentor; Tufts Psychology Alumni Association Career Day panelist; Class of 2005 reunion organizer; “Essence” a cappella group alumni liaison

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Young Professionals Network of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts member; National Association of Social Workers member; National Association of Black Social Workers member; Greater Boston Chapter of the National Association of Black Social Workers member; Miss Boston Scholarship Pageant board member

Statement: I applied to Tufts sight unseen. Indeed, I was extremely nervous about attending a school I had never even visited. The minute I stepped onto campus as a prospective student in April 2001, I knew this was the place I was meant to be. Throughout my time at Tufts, I came to see that it was not perfect, but I also came to see that positive change was possible through the hard work and advocacy of many different voices. In the myriad of conversations I have had recently with our fellow alumni, I have heard some jaded views, thoughts, and feelings around the changes that have taken place. I have seen apathy, instead of action. Some of my fellow alums believe that withholding support and time and talent will force the change they wish to see. I have a different opinion. One cannot change what is discussed at the table if one is not even at the table. My desire to be at that table comes from a place of service and love for the institution that set me on my path. I truly believe that I am in a unique position to be able to serve the council as a Jumbo by education, and now also by employment. Change happens because the right people commit themselves to the right causes for the right reasons at the right time. I feel that time for me is the present.


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Michael Laha, A10, New York, NY

B.S., Chemistry 2010; M.A., East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University, 2015

Occupation: U.S.-China Dialogue Fellow, Asia Society

Previous Occupation: Research Assistant

Tufts-affiliated Activities: Resident assistant; orientation leader; undergraduate researcher at Dept. of Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering; NYC Chapter chair, Young Friends of Tufts Advancement; NYC volunteer board member, programming chair; TAAP interviewer

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: NYC Chapter, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Young China Watchers

Statement: Tufts University provides its graduates with a world-class education and a top-notch network of alumni. However, this network is frequently underutilized and often goes unrecognized. My goal as a Tufts Alumni Council Member will be to channel the strength of our alumni community so that current students searching for opportunities will more readily find them and that current alumni can better leverage the Tufts connection for themselves. As the Chair of Young Friends of Tufts Advancement in NYC, I have already launched a Dinner Discussion series that brings Tufts alumni who are leaders in their fields together with younger alumni, still in the early stages of their careers. These regular and intimate meetings serve to cultivate relationships between young alumni, connect young alumni to leaders in their chosen field, and provide an opportunity for alumni—who have made significant contributions to their fields—to offer insights to younger members of the Tufts alumni community. I am proud to say that we have recently hosted Brant Silvers, A96 (Managing Director at Planned Parenthood), and Maria Figueroa Kupcua, A93 (Partner at Brunswick Group) to these events. I look forward to expanding alumni programs that serve this purpose and am grateful for any opportunity to serve Tufts and its community!

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Maria Maccarone, J90, Brooklyn, NY

B.A. International Relations, 1990

Occupation: Vice President, Business Development, Compliance Discovery Solutions, a System One Division

Previous Occupations: Managing Director; SVP, Operations; Recruiting Manager, Paralegal Manager, Paralegal

Tufts-affiliated Activities: Co-chair, Tufts NYC Professional W omen’s Networking Group 2011–present; member, 2008–2010; TAAP/TAN 2012–present; Class of 1990 25th Reunion Committee; LeadIT 2015. In addition, as recruiting manager for paralegals at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, I started on-campus recruiting from 2001 to 2006.

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Assistant Director, Women in eDiscovery, NY Chapter; NY Cares Volunteer/Supporter (former team leader 1999–2003); Sanctuary for Families (pro bono work)

Statement: Tufts has given me so much—a great education including a year in Paris, France, amazing friends both from my time at the school and beyond, and interesting events and opportunities over the past several years. Based on my involvement with current members of the Alumni Council, I know first-hand the impact members have had on the Tufts alumni community. I would like to be an effective part of the team that serves and promotes Tufts to all our current and future alumni, beyond my contributions thus far in the NYC area. I’m particularly proud of the work I’ve done as co-chair of the Tufts NYC Professional Women’s Networking Group; we’ve been able to sponsor quality, popular events and also inspire women in other cities to talk about starting their own groups. I will bring the same passion and energy that I’ve devoted to all my activities to the Alumni Council. Thank you!

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David Malouf, A04, D10, DG14, Boston, MA

B.A., 2004; D.M.D, 2010; PG, 2014, Orthodontics; Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies, 2011, Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine

Occupation: Orthodontist

Previous Occupation: Dentist

Tufts-affiliated Activities: Tufts dental school reunion committee, active member of Tufts University Dental Alumni Association and Tufts Orthodontics Alumni Association (activities included fundraising, future alumni networking, dental career student alumni panel and networking)

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Massachusetts Dental Society New Member Committee, American Dental Association, American Association of Orthodontists, Northeast Society of Orthodontists, Massachusetts Dental Society, North Shore Dental Society, Merrimack Valley Dental Society

Statement: Tufts has always been such an important aspect of my life. A funny term, but I am so proud to be a “Triple Jumbo,” having attended undergraduate, dental and residency at Tufts University. I owe so much to the school, its influential faculty, and alumni that have helped me achieve my personal and professional goals. I continue to help the students at Tufts in a mentor role, and I would like to be even more involved; so I thank you for your time and consideration in my application for Alumni Council.

Tufts Family: Father: Shibly Malouf, DG64; sister: Nicole Malouf, J98

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Adam Weldai, A10, AG11, Malden, MA

B.A. in American Studies, 2010; M.A. in Education/Teaching History, 2011; Educational Leadership/Administration, expected 2017, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, CAGS

Occupation: Principal Residency, Guidance Counselor, Malden Public Schools

Previous Occupations: History Teacher, Belmont Public Schools, Belmont, MA, and Arlington Public Schools, Arlington, MA

Tufts-affiliated Activities: TCU Senate mentor, Tufts Education Network member, Tufts Senior Dinner alumni host, past Student Issues and Young Alumni Committee member, past Tufts Reunion Class Gift Officer, past Back to the Hill Reunion Planning Committee member

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Elected former vice chairman of the Malden Municipal School Committee; past member and division officer of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees; past board president Malden Access Television; past board vice president Temple Tifereth Israel, Malden; member of the Master Plan Steering Committee for Malden

Statement: As a high school student I was lucky enough to have six student teachers from Tufts in my classrooms. As an aspiring educator myself, I could see how much they loved their school and the experience they were having—I knew exactly where I wanted to be. I had no idea what an impact Tufts would have when I was fortunate enough to have been accepted and matriculated. As a first-generation college student I was blessed to have received the financial support necessary to attend Tufts, and to have had the values of civic engagement and empathy instilled in me during my time there. My relationships formed with my peers and professors will last a lifetime. I knew upon graduation that I had an obligation to support and stay involved with the place that had given me so much. From participating in alumni activities and committees, to taking the mission of civic engagement with me into my personal and professional life, I am proud to be a Jumbo and share our Tufts values. I hope to put my energy and passion for Tufts to work on the Alumni Council, and humbly ask for your support.

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Graduate Programs in AS&E

Ryan Flood, E11, EG15, Boston, MA

Tufts University Gordon Institute, M.S. Engineering Management 2015; Tufts University School of Engineering, B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2011

Occupation: Product Engineer, Evoqua Water Technologies

Previous Occupation: Engineering Supervisor, ConforMIS

Tufts-affiliated Activities: Tufts Gordon Institute Alumni Council member 2015–present; volunteer assistant coach, Women's Crew Team 2015–present; host committee, Tufts Talks Boston 2015–present

Undergrad: Tufts University varsity crew team; eminent commander (president), Sigma Nu; personal trainer, Tufts Personalized Performance Program; Tufts University varsity cheerleader

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Member, the Boston Pledge; member, the Chlorine Institute

Statement: When I started my Tufts education, I immediately felt welcomed into the family. There were endless opportunities to be a part of different organizations – each one a unique community of its own. I became involved in engineering, athletics, and Greek life. My girlfriend at the time (now fiancée!) introduced me to a cappella, liberal arts classes, and the Leonard Carmichael Society. I competed for the Varsity Crew and Cheerleading teams, served on the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and was a personal trainer to students, faculty, and teams on campus. I was an active member of the Sigma Nu fraternity and served on both the Inter-Fraternity and Inter-Greek Councils. After graduating and beginning my engineering career, I returned to Tufts to complete my Master’s in Engineering Management at the Gordon Institute. While in graduate school I began coaching the women's novice crew team. I enjoy inviting my peers to attend Tufts events, participating in host committees, and contributing to Tufts. I am craving more involvement in the University, and I know that the Alumni Council will allow me to continue to give back and ensure Tufts stays the strong and welcoming family it was when I was there.

Tufts Family: Fiancée; brother, Tufts undergrad and engineering grad.; sister-in-law, Tufts undergrad; mother-in-law (to be), Tufts undergrad and trustee

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David Gulla, EG88, Westford, MA

M.S., Electrical Engineering, 1988; B.S., Electrical Engineering, UMass Lowell

Occupation: Vice President, Mission Systems and Sensors, Raytheon

Previous Occupations: Director, Software Engineering Directorate for Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems; Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems technology area lead for architecture and processing

Tufts-affiliated Activities: Tufts Career Services member

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: IEEE; qualified Raytheon Six Sigma Specialist

Statement: I was incredibly fortunate to attend Tufts University where I received a master’s in electrical engineering. I came from a family of limited means but was blessed with a generous academic scholarship that allowed me to pursue my graduate studies. The career I have today is due, in large part, to my education at Tufts. I now support Tufts engineering network nights, where I’ve had an opportunity to meet some truly amazing engineering students. I am also on the Career Services Committee. In my current occupation, I am responsible for executing a technology business with an annual revenue of more than $1 billion. My business leadership experience places me in a unique position to help Tufts provide opportunities for students like myself—who are academically qualified but may lack the financial means to attend this great university. It would be a privilege to help Tufts continue to prosper and to provide students from all socioeconomic backgrounds an opportunity to attend the university. I believe my business leadership expertise and passion for developing the next generation of innovators positions me well to be a highly effective Alumni Council member.

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School of Dental Medicine

Sarah Stipho, D08, DG11, DG12, Hopkinton, MA

D.M.D. Tufts University School of Dental Medicine 2008; DG11 Periodontology, DG12 M.S. Periodontology; B.S. 2004, Boston College

Occupation: Periodontist, Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology

Tufts-affiliated Activities: Assistant professor at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, past involvement as alumni chair of American Association of Women Dentists–Tufts chapter, active involvement with Tufts alumni meetings

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: American Association of Periodontology, American Dental Association, Massachusetts Dental Society, International Team of Implantology, Academy of Osseointegration, volunteer dentist with Medical Missions for Children to various underserved areas including Guatemala and Dominican Republic, Massachusetts Dental Society leadership institute recipient, New Dentist Committee, past involvement with EDIC advisory committee, Massachusetts Dental Society board delegate, speaker at Yankee Dental Congress

Statement: I consider myself privileged to have become a part of the Tufts family. As a double Jumbo, I have spent many years of my education with Tufts and am delighted to be giving back to the school through my time teaching in the dental clinic. During my time at the dental school, I experienced the incredible expansion and was fortunate enough to use these new facilities during my postgraduate training. The impact it has had both clinically and structurally has been great and made largely possible through contributions from alumni. The dental education I received from Tufts is solid, and I confidently and proudly carry its name and reputation. I’d like to continue to improve the overall reputation Tufts has had and continues to have as well as grow and expand this network of alumni. Keeping the alumni involved and connected is integral in this process through several avenues, including more networking events and continuing education. I am honored to be nominated for the Tufts Alumni Council and am excited to have the opportunity to serve on the council.

Tufts Family: Mother, Dr. Huda Stipho, is associate professor at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Department of Prosthodontics

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Cynthia Tsamtsouris, J87, D91, DG94, A18P, A20P, Weston, MA

B.S. in Psychology, J87; D.M.D. Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, D91; Certificate in Periodontics DG94

Occupation: Periodontist, Bedford Periodontal and Dental Implant Care

Tufts-affiliated Activities: 25th Dental School Reunion Co-Chair; 30th Reunion Committee Member

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: American Academy of Periodontology, the American Dental Association, the Massachusetts Dental Society, the Massachusetts Periodontal Society, and Spear Study Club Leader

Statement: I am a triple Jumbo and Tufts is in my blood! I grew up in a home where I shared many Thanksgiving holidays with my mother’s students (she is a retired Tufts professor). I am thankful for the liberal arts education I received as an undergraduate and the diverse student body that was my home on campus. Those were tremendous years of growing and I met my husband there. At the dental school I received such strong knowledge and skills and Tufts’ reputation has carried me far in my career. I have made lifelong, lasting friendships with classmates that continue to sustain me today. Currently having my two sons at the college has been very nostalgic for me and I would love the opportunity to give back to the school.

Tufts Family: Mother, Anthi Tsamtsouris, DG73, DG76, and step-father George White, professors emeriti at Tufts Dental; sister, Evelyn Anthony, J85; husband, Thomas Camp, A85; and sons Alex Camp, A18, and Nikolas Camp, A20

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The Fletcher School

Jeff Hedges, F77, London, England

M.A.L.D., 1977, and Colgate B.A., History, 1975

Occupation: Investment Manager, Tanager Wealth Management LLP, London UK

Previous Occupations: Bank of America, The Council for International Business, Irving Trust

Tufts-affiliated Activities: Member of Fletcher’s European Advisory Group; active in Tufts London Alliance and Fletcher Club of London, putting on seminars for alumni; ongoing financial support to the John L. Hedges & Margaret M. Hedges Fellowship in Public Diplomacy at Fletcher (established by our family in 1987)

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Founding director of the Anglo-American Charity, a donor advised fund facilitating trans-Atlantic gifting. Since 2003, the charity has raised over $15 million for 225 UK and U.S. charities. Past president and treasurer of the Colgate Club of London. Through my firm we provide internships to Colgate economics students on their semester abroad. President of the Andover/ Abbott Association of London since 2003 serving 150 alumni in the UK. Vice president, UK Chapter of American Citizens Abroad and was a member of the Association of Americans Residing Overseas. Both organizations work towards ensuring that the needs of Americans living outside the U.S. are recognized and dealt with in Washington, D.C.

Statement: I would be honoured to serve as Fletcher’s representative on the Alumni Council. I met my wife, Kate, at Fletcher 40 years ago. Fletcher was the springboard for both of us to pursue satisfying business careers in Europe. I want to contribute my experience as a volunteer and fundraiser to the Tufts Alumni Council as well as my international perspective of living, studying, and working internationally for three decades. I want to reinforce the already excellent cooperation between Fletcher and other Tufts faculties that allows Tufts to be a leader in the global knowledge community. Through the Anglo-American Charity, I can assist alumni in how to maximize their gifting. I want to work to take the London Alliance blueprint of engagement with Tufts and providing networking and social opportunities to existing and new clubs overseas.

Tufts Family: Katherine C. Hedges, F10, spouse

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David Sussman, F04, FG15, New York, NY

M.A.L.D., International Relations, 2004 (Fletcher School); Ph.D., International Relations, 2015 (Fletcher School); B.A., Government, 1999 (Dartmouth College)

Occupation: Fellow, Center on International Cooperation, New York University

Previous Occupations: World Bank (consultant), Tufts University (lecturer), Fulbright Scholar, International Organization for Migration, International Emergency and Refugee Health Branch at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, International Rescue Committee, Foundation Strategy Group

Tufts-affiliated Activities: Organizer on Fletcher School 5th-year Reunion Committee, 2009; volunteer interviewer for Fletcher admissions; Ph.D. representative to the Fletcher Student Council; co-founder of the Tufts Refugee Assistance Program (TU-RAP); member of the Fletcher Alumni Club of NYC; member of the Fletcher Alumni Club of Boston; member of the Tufts Alumni Association of NYC

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs; 350NYC; Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation

Statement: My interest in running for election to the Alumni Council is based on a desire to enhance programming that supports the interests and interconnectivity of Fletcher graduates worldwide. Today, the school’s mission to educate conscientious and skilled global leaders is more important than ever. So too are the links between its alumni. Ever since stepping onto campus, I have been a passionate member of the Fletcher community. In course work on development economics and environmental change, or extracurricular activities like the International Migration Group and Fletcher Futbol, I appreciated the diversity of opinions and unique spirit of our student body. Over recent years, I have sought to do my part to support the Fletcher School, whether as a member of the 5th-year reunion committee, volunteering to interview prospective students, or serving as the Ph.D. delegate to the student council. Now, a combination of experience as a MALD student, doctoral candidate, thesis instructor in the GMAP program, and lecturer to Tufts undergraduates, provides me with a unique understanding of the range of perspectives among Fletcherites within a broader Tufts University system. I look forward to the potential opportunity to serve as your representative, and thank you in advance for your consideration.

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The Sackler School

Tamara Howard, SK81, Goring-on-Thames, England

Sackler School of Biomedical Sciences, Ph.D., 1981; Harvard (Radcliffe) University, A.B., 1975

Occupation: Business Consultant and author (three books published and fourth is due out in May 2017)

Current Employer: Verve Consulting Ltd (I am founder and co-owner)

Previous Occupations: Divisional Director, Capgemini (business and technology consulting) European Sales Programmes, Digital Equipment Corporation. Sales and Marketing Director for Manufacturing Systems Division, PA Consulting Group, Account Manager and Marketing Manager, IBM UK, European Business Development Manager, Bethesda Research Laboratories

Tufts-affiliated Activities: Worked with London team on Tufts Global Reach, London and have assisted with other London Tufts alumni activities over the last year or two

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Director, Harvard Club of the UK and trustee for Harvard Club UK Charitable organization; team member, Harvard Public Services group for the UK, have been (recently resigned) as trustee for charity: The Alison Wetherfield Foundation (UK Charity) and do pro bono consulting for other small charities. Co-founder and chair of the Harvard-Oxford Social Business Network in London

Statement: As I get older and have fewer family obligations, I find that I want to give back to various communities who have helped me over the years. I certainly owe Tufts University a debt of gratitude both for my graduate education and for the professional relationships I made with the departmental faculty where I worked for my degree. These relationships were strong and endured until their deaths (at ripe old ages!)—sadly there were very few other graduate students, but I have maintained a lifelong friendship with those I did know. In London, I run numerous events (pro bono) that encourage and support social entrepreneurs and those individual who wish to add more “conscience” to traditional business environments and have expanded these events to include the local Tufts community. These activities act as a magnet to draw in alumni (from all universities) in the 30 to 45 age bracket—an age group which is often difficult to engage in alumni activities, at least in London. More recently, I have particularly enjoyed working with the alumni who are active in the London Tufts community, as well as others I have met at recent events held in London. Meeting these people has inspired me to become more involved in helping sustain the Tufts “spirit” and community around the world.

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