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Ten candidates from AS&E, one candidate from the Graduate Programs in AS&E, and one candidate from the School of Medicine are running for seats on the Alumni Council. Click on a candidate's name below to read about his/her qualifications. Voting for Alumni Council members is school-specific. You may vote only in the ballot section representing the schools you attended.
Election deadline: April 16, 2014

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Undergraduate Schools of AS&E

Joann Elizabeth Flaminio, J78, Providence, RI

B.A., Political Science, 1978, magna cum laude; J.D., Suffolk University Law School, 1983

Occupation: President, Boston Athletic Association (2011–), and Vice President, Fidelity Investments (2000–2013)

Previous Occupation: Executive Director, Employees Retirement System of Rhode Island (1993–2000)

Tufts Activities: Member of Rhode Island TAAP Chapter (eight-plus years) and Rhode Island Tufts Alliance. Member of Reunion Committee: 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008, 2013.

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Since January 2011, I have served as the president of the Boston Athletic Association (BAA), the overseer of the Boston Marathon, and am the first woman to hold this post. I have been at the helm of the organization through its 125th anniversary, and most recently, in the aftermath of the Marathon bombings. I have represented the BAA both nationally and internationally for many years.

Statement: I consider Tufts to be one of the most important “outliers” in my life, i.e., an opportunity that went on to dictate the course of my life both professionally and personally. But without substantial aid from the university, I would not have been able to attend Tufts. It is essential that the university continue its commitment to helping financially needy but academically qualified students attend Tufts in order to produce a diverse student body. At the same time, private colleges need to be mindful of the ever escalating cost of private higher education. Families want the very best education for their children but are often faced with a number of financial priorities in addition to the cost of higher education. Although it is being seriously challenged on a variety of fronts, including the media, the value of an undergraduate liberal arts education cannot be overstated. The college needs to reaffirm its belief in the mission of our great university while also stabilizing its cost. I am eternally grateful to Tufts for the education I was given, and would consider it a privilege and honor to be a member of the Tufts Alumni Council and to devote my time and talent to its ongoing priorities.

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Barry Kaufman, A07, Cambridge, MA

B.A., Quantitative Economics, minor in Mathematics, 2007, summa cum laude

Occupation: School Enrollment Data Analyst and Education Pioneers Fellow, Boston Public Schools, Boston, MA

Previous Occupations: Actuarial Analyst and Business Analyst at Liberty Mutual Insurance from 2007 to 2013.

Tufts Activities: Planning Committee member, Hillel Alumni Alliance, 2007–present; president, Active Citizens of Tufts (ACT) Boston, 2012–present; chair, ACT Gala 2013; member, ACT Boston, 2010–present; Planning Committee for annual Foster Children’s Holiday Party, 2010–present, where I secured book donations and recruited volunteers for the holiday party and gift wrapping night; Class of 2007 five-year reunion planning committee for the 2012 Back to the Hill weekend; alumni host at Senior Class Dinners at president’s house

Other Professional/ Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Currently participating in the Education Pioneers Fellowship Program and involved in fellowship-related events and educational opportunities; active in various programs offered through the Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) of Boston; worked as a Youth Group Advisor at Congregation Beth Israel in Andover from 2007 to 2011; one-off volunteer activities at Cradles to Crayons, the Greater Boston Food Bank, and Kaboom! (an organization that builds playgrounds)

Tufts Family: Brother, Craig Kaufman, A09

Statement: I would be honored to be elected as a member of the Tufts Alumni Council. My time at Tufts has a very special place in my heart and has provided me countless opportunities to learn and grow as an individual. I have remained connected to Tufts as an alumnus by furthering Tufts’ mission of active citizenship through groups such as ACT Boston, staying involved with Tufts Hillel, and being active in the greater alumni community. As president of ACT Boston, I have raised funds for a number of Tufts initiatives and developed long-term partnerships with groups such as Tisch College. Through my involvement with the alumni community, I have been able to interact with an amazing group of professors, staff, and fellow alumni as well as cultivate leadership skills that have set me up for personal and professional success. I feel a great sense of Jumbo pride and, as a member of the Alumni Council, I hope to strengthen engagement with fellow alumni and encourage them to foster and sustain a relationship with our great university and the surrounding community in the same way that I have. Thank you for your consideration.

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Andrew Lee, A09, Berkeley, CA

B.A., Economics and International Relations, 2009

Occupation: M.B.A. candidate, 2015, UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business, Berkeley, CA

Previous Occupation: United States Marine Corps

Tufts Activities: chair, Tufts Alumni Council Communications Committee, 2012–2013; member, Tufts Alumni Council Communications Committee, 2009–present; member, Tufts Alumni Council Development Committee, 2011–present; TAAP

Other Professional/ Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Independent consulting project for Sun Edison

Tufts Family: Sister: Angela Lee, A07, MG10

Statement: Serving as a member of the Development Committee and former chair of the Communications Committee has provided me with the opportunity to continue giving back to Tufts, a university which catalyzed my growth as a young adult. I take great pride in the work we have accomplished over the past few years while I have been a transitional member of the council, such as improving the rate of Alumni Council donations and advertising the Alumni Council's role to new alumni. I look forward to the continued growth and success of the Alumni Council and believe that the skills I am currently developing as an M.B.A. student will be beneficial to the council.

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Sophia Michelen, A09, Boston, MA

B.S., Biopsychology, 2009

Occupation: Research Assistant, Harvard Medical School; Susan G. Komen Foundation

Previous Occupations: Procurement Assistant, UN – World Food Programme, Dubai; Research Assistant – Children’s Hospital Boston; Research Assistant – Harvard Medical School

Tufts Activities: Active TAAP Interviewer in Dubai and Boston (2009 – present); Tufts Alumni Boston (TAB) Board (2011 – present); 2013 Senior Dinner Speaker; Tufts Dubai Chapter; Tufts Gift Fund Officer (2012-present); CASE Program Volunteer (2011); Active Citizens of Tufts (ACT) Boston (2009); Board Member of Young Friends of Tufts Advancement (2012-present); Inaugural Leadership Summit 2013 Host Committee; Passport Host (summer 2013-present); 2014 Talloires Alumni Conference Planning Committee; 5-Year Class Reunion Committee; 2014 Tufts Boston Marathon Team

Other Professional/ Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Emma Willard School Alumni Council; Head of the Charles First Aid Volunteer; American Red Cross Volunteer; Board of Directors, Harvard Students for Global Health; Boston Ballet Volunteer Association; Boston Landmarks Orchestra volunteer

Statement: My Tufts undergraduate education has proven to be a formative experience in my professional and personal life. I strongly value the people I met, the academic excellence I received, and the global vision Tufts instilled in me. Wherever I go, it never ceases to amaze me how friendly and dedicated fellow Jumbos are to our Alma Mater – demonstrating the deep roots of a loyal community. It is this tie to community that I wish to strengthen while on the Alumni Council. I would like to be a part of this devoted and diverse group to not only to offer my dedication, leadership, time and effort for Tufts and the Alumni community, but also to be able to collaborate with the group in establishing new initiatives, supporting current programs, and assisting in guiding Tufts’ continuous and permanent growth in excellence for its students and alumni. Part of my vision for our community is to improve our local, regional and international chapters, strengthening our outreach from activities and connection of alumni from diverse careers and interests. I think it is important to work on efforts that bridge personal connection with current students and the alumni network, not just through a professional basis, but also through individual lifelong relationships. I have been consistently involved in Tufts Alumni activities since graduation and have continued my involvement – locally and internationally. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with our local chapters and committees, staying close to the Medford campus, while also being a part of programs abroad. It is our diverse cultured community that makes Tufts so distinct, so I expect that with our continued growth, we will expand our alumni community that many of us call a home. Thank you for your consideration.

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Timothy A. Nelson, E04, EG07, San Francisco, CA

B.S., Civil Engineering 2004; M.S., Civil Engineering 2007

Occupation: Structural Engineer, Degenkolb Engineers, San Francisco, CA

Tufts Activities: president, Tufts Alumni San Francisco (May 2012–present); associate member, Tufts Alumni Council (September 2012–present); member, Regional Programs Committee (September 2013–present); member, ad hoc Alumni Strategic Planning Committee (December 2013-present); Steering Committee member, Tufts Alumni San Francisco (October 2007–May 2012)

Other Professional/ Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: licensed professional civil and structural engineer in California; U.S. Green Building Council LEED–accredited professional; contributor, American Society of Civil Engineers—Codes and Standards; member, American Society of Civil Engineers; member, Structural Engineers Association of Northern California; member, San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association; choir vocalist, pianist, and bassist, St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, San Francisco; freelance musician, Timothy Nelson Piano Entertainment

Statement: As I approach my 10-year Tufts reunion this upcoming spring, I have a strong appreciation and admiration for the Tufts University Alumni Association and the many roles it plays. At a high level, the association helps ensure the longevity of Tufts through both volunteerism and financial support from its members. But on a more personal scale, the association is also a professional network, a family, and a place to hone leadership and active citizenship skills. As a Connecticut native now living on the West Coast, this community has certainly served all of these roles, and more, during my first decade as an alumnus. My goal as an elected member of the Tufts University Alumni Council would be to help expand the association’s reach, both home and abroad, such that more alumni can realize the many benefits and joys of being involved. Many thanks in advance for your consideration, and go Jumbos!

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Irene Pallais, A06, New Orleans, LA

B.A., International Relations and Spanish, 2006

Occupation: area Internet marketing director, Interstate Hotels and Resorts, New Orleans, LA

Previous Occupations: Marketing Coordinator, Starwood Hotels and Resorts; Program Assistant, Tufts Board of Advisors

Tufts Activities: In my role as program assistant for the Tufts Board of Advisors, I traveled with the Tufts senior administration to China as part of the Tufts in the World program in 2007. I have been the regional alumni leader in New Orleans since 2009.

Other Professional/ Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Started a chapter of Travel Massive in New Orleans, a travel industry meetup that is in cities worldwide. Involved with the New Orleans American Marketing Association; volunteered for the gala fundraiser planning committee for Court Approved Special Advocates (CASA) in Jefferson Parish

Statement: Reuniting with Tufts alumni is one of the best ways to stay connected to the University. The Tufts New Orleans chapter had been inactive for over five years prior to my move to New Orleans so I reached out to the alumni office to see how I could get involved in reviving a Tufts presence in the city. Over the past four years, I have expanded our programming and enjoyed seeing a very engaged and growing group of alumni. As an active member of the Alumni Council, I would take that connection a step further by contributing my time and experience to make a positive impact for both the alumni association and the university. Tufts has provided me with so many opportunities and experiences, and I am committed to serving the University and its alumni. Thank you for your consideration!

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Kathryn Saville, A07, Medford, MA

B.A., English, 2007

Other Education: Master’s in public policy, The George Washington University Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration, 2012

Occupation: Government Affairs Associate, Charles Group Consulting, Boston, MA

Previous Occupations: Paralegal, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP; Membership Coordinator and Legislative Assistant, American Council on International Personnel

Tufts Activities: Tufts Alumni Admissions Program (TAAP) committee member; Active Citizens of Tufts (ACT) Boston board member; former board member of Young Friends of Tufts Advancement (YFTA) DC; first board chair of Young Friends of Tufts Advancement (YFTA) Boston; Tufts Gift Fund Officer

Other Professional/ Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Pi Alpha Alpha member (honor society for public policy professionals); GovProsMass

Statement: I feel that I have shown a true commitment to Tufts and to giving back to the University. Since completing graduate school in 2012 and relocating (back) to the Boston area, I have had the opportunity to become much more involved in the Tufts community. As a board member of ACT Boston and as the Boston chair of the YFTA board, I have witnessed firsthand the impact that active alumni participation can make on the experiences of other alumni as well as current Tufts students. I am committed to continuing to make such an impact, and to grow the network of alumni that are committed to giving back in whatever way they can to Tufts. Moreover, watching the Boston chapter of YFTA begin to take form and come together this past year as a cohesive group of alumni dedicated to giving back to the university has been an exciting and humbling experience. It is clear that alumni are eager to give back to the university and to celebrate their dedication to Tufts through an active alumni network. Being elected to the Alumni Council will give me an even greater opportunity to expand alumni involvement in Tufts, as well as the opportunity to shape the current Tufts student experience, ensuring that today’s Tufts undergraduates leave the university having had as positive of an experience as so many current alumni had. No other event or experience has shaped my life in such a positive way as my time spent at Tufts University. The relationships I built, the lessons I learned, and the character I gained are invaluable. I cannot think of a better way to give back and show my appreciation to the university than to serve on the Alumni Council and be a part of shaping the student and alumni experience for the next five years. I feel my experience in advocacy and policy combined with my true dedication to the university makes me the ideal candidate for the council.

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Randy L. Shapiro, J86, New York, NY

B.A., Economics and Spanish (cum laude), 1986; J.D., Boston University School of Law, 1989

Occupation: Global Media Counsel, Bloomberg LP, New York, NY

Previous Occupations: General Counsel and Chief Administrative Office, The Newsweek/Daily Beast Company; Deputy Chief Counsel, Newsweek Inc.; Associate (Litigation), Stroock & Stroock & Lavan

Tufts Activities: Helped organize, and served as a panelist on, Tufts Lawyers Association event focusing on legal issues and “New Media.” Participated in Tufts Women in Media group. While at Newsweek, organized panels featuring Newsweek journalists for Tufts alumni in the media. Host Committee of Back to the Future 2, held in New York on November 19, 2013. Reunion Committees for class reunions, including most recently, 25th Reunion.

Other Professional/ Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Co-chair, New York Women’s Bar Association Mentoring Circles Committee; American Bar Association, Communications Law Section (panelist at February 2013 Section meeting); American Employment Law Council (past panelist at annual national meeting); New York City Bar Association, Communications Law Committee; Blank on Blank (board member); Captain, “Shapiro’s Heroes,” Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure.

Statement: I am a very proud Jumbo and have been an avid supporter of Tufts from the moment I graduated, both financially and, just as importantly, through my participation in numerous Tufts-sponsored events. It’s been my pleasure to work closely with the administration and fellow alumni to set up panels, find speakers, secure space – whatever is needed to make a Tufts event successful. As my Tufts experience so helped shape the person I am today, I feel a strong sense of obligation to support and enhance the connection between the University and the alumni body worldwide. Tufts has made tremendous strides in engaging alumni and I would be honored to assist in furthering those efforts. My affinity for Tufts was forged before I even knew the school existed. When I was a little girl, my family frequently traveled to Boston to visit relatives. I invariably gravitated to one person at our gatherings: my great uncle, Seymour Simches. At one dinner, Uncle Seymour asked me, "Why do you always sit next to me?" I replied, "Because you're so interesting." Indeed he was, and I was very fortunate to know him not just as my favorite uncle, but also as my professor at Tufts. (And, no, I did not get an A in his class.) I believe I would be a positive addition to the Alumni Council and would welcome the opportunity to broaden my support of Tufts and its alumni.

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Christopher J. Valente, A05, Dorchester, MA

B.A., International Relations, 2005; J.D., Boston University School of Law, 2009

Occupation: Attorney, K&L Gates LLP, Boston, MA

Tufts Activities: board of directors of the Tufts Lawyers Association (TLA); immediate-past co-chair, TLA’s Law Day on the Hill (2012 & 2013); director and clerk of the board of directors of ATO Associates Inc., the nonprofit corporation that owns and operates the ATO fraternity house; inaugural Executive Committee of the Back to the Hill Young Alumni Reunion Festival (2011 & 2012); involved with the Tufts men’s swimming and diving team, Tufts Wilderness Orientation, Pride on the Hill, and the Tufts Alumni Admissions Program.

Other Professional/ Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: co-chair of the Boston Bar Association’s New Lawyers Section; junior fellow of the Boston Bar Foundation (BBF), the Boston Bar Association’s charitable arm; immediate-past co-chair of the BBF’s Casino Night fundraiser (2013); active in the Massachusetts LGBTQ Bar Association and the BU Law Young Alumni Council, serving in various leadership roles in both organizations over the past five years; coordinated K&L Gates’ involvement in the Discovering Justice/Citizen Schools Legal Apprenticeship Program (2010–2012).

Statement: On a daily basis, Tufts has a profound effect on the students enrolled at its campuses. These diverse and dynamic students, along with Tufts’ engaged alumni and world-renowned scholars, in turn, have a profound effect on our global society. As an active alumnus, I strongly believe in supporting Tufts’ continuing mission to support, nurture, and challenge these students, alumni, and scholars. Serving on the Tufts Alumni Council will allow me to work with other alumni to amplify and expand the impact Tufts has not only on its current students, but on the world around us. Further, I am a strong believer in giving back and can think of no better place to volunteer my time and energy than Tufts.

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Lumay Wang, A11, Bethesda, MD

B.A., International Relations and Art History, 2011

Occupation: Legislative Assistant for Energy and Environment, Office of Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52), Washington, D.C.

Previous Occupation: Legislative aide for Energy and Environment for Senator John Kerry

Tufts Activities: co-chair, Young Friends of Tufts Advancement; associate member, Alumni Council (Tufts Alumni Development Committee); TAAP; Host Committee member, Tufts Alumni Leadership Summit 2013, Tufts Fund Gift Officer, Back to the Hill Class of 2011 Committee, CASE Network mentor

Other Professional/ Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: Sidwell Friends School Alumni Association Executive Board, Sidwell Friends School Young Alumni Task Force, Weekend Docent at the Corcoran Gallery of Art (D.C.), member of California State Society

Statement: I believe I can help the Council move in a more collaborative, creative, and entrepreneurial direction. As co-chair of Young Friends of Tufts Advancement (YFTA), I see that Tufts has come a long way in its communication with young alums, but even so, many of my peers do not feel a bond to participate or donate to Tufts. We need to fix this with strategic and creative outreach by making us feel like stakeholders of the school’s future. YFTA has made a lot of progress by bringing more alumni into an active network and raising tens of thousands of dollars. Tufts gave me many wonderful experiences: writing for the Tufts Daily, researching as a Summer Scholar, reading volumes for EPIIC, and cofounding a social entrepreneurship fellowship. We have to improve our career connections and give-back rates so that Tufts remains a top choice for students to learn and launch successful lives. We need to actively promote Tufts students’ and alums’ careers such as student and alumni ventures and internship opportunities. I love contributing to the Alumni Council as an associate member, and I hope you will support me to become a full member!

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Graduate Programs in AS&E

Kaleigh Fitzpatrick, A08, AG11, Boston, MA

B.A., Child Development 2008, combined Master of Arts Urban/Environmental Policy & Planning and Child Development

Occupation: Juris Doctor Candidate at Suffolk University Law School, Class of 2016, Boston, MA

Tufts Activities: 5th Year Reunion Committee; involved in alumni activities for track and field team and Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Development; Tufts Marathon Team; practice interviewee for Tufts Student Ambassador Program

Other Professional/Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: AmeriCorps Summer VISTA in Montana (2013); Massachusetts Special Olympics Summer Games (2012); track and field coach for local youth track team (winter 2012); participated in several One Brick Boston community service events; Women’s Law Association Board Member, Suffolk Law (present)

Statement: I would be truly honored to be a part of the Tufts University Alumni Council. I love Tufts. I worked in the alumni office at Tufts on behalf of the Alumni Council for five years and I learned firsthand about all the important work of the Alumni Council. I feel that I would be an effective liaison between the alumni body and the university and I want to continue my involvement with Tufts. I gained so much from the university and all the wonderful people at Tufts as an undergraduate student, a staff member, and graduate student that I want to give back so much of what Tufts has given me. I feel that I can bring a unique perspective to the council, having been in various roles and involved in various parts of the university. I also want to stay connected to all the wonderful alumni and staff that I had the privilege to work with during my nine years as a student and staff member at Tufts. Thank you for your support and Go Jumbos!

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School of Medicine

Monica Kung, J00, MG02, Los Angeles, CA

B.S. Biology, Tufts University; M.S., Health Communication, Tufts University School of Medicine, Public Health and Professional Degrees

Occupation: Sales Consultant, Cardinal Health; Business Development Manager, Excel Scientific; International Accounts Manager, Wheaton Science Products; Sales Representative, Wheaton Science Products, Alcan Packaging

Tufts Activities: Tufts University women’s swimming & diving team, co-captain; TAAP interviewer (2002–present), Tufts University Medical School PHPD Alumni board member, Health Communication Program representative (2010–2012); TAAP Los Angeles chair (2013–present)

Other Professional/ Volunteer Affiliations and Activities: host for Charitable Social Networking Group, Bella Sera; Events Committee member, 310 Young Professionals; health educator, Los Angeles Free Clinic (2006–2009)

Statement: I am proud to be a Jumbo, and a double Jumbo. I am proud my only sibling received his M.D. from Tufts School of Medicine. I am proud my cousin was the Tufts University director of photography for three years. They are proud of their time with Tufts and proud to be part of the Tufts Jumbo family. The spirit of Jumbo pride is not something that automatically resonates in each graduate upon receiving a diploma from our distinguished university. It takes passion, innovation, collaboration, and dedication from an often behind-the-scenes team of alumni to make Tufts special to each person who touches the university. I would love to contribute to the Alumni Council as an active participant, to bring new ideas, and to make positive impacts to the communities affected by the work of the various committees, especially the Regional Programs Committee, the Shared Interest Group Committee, and the Student Issues/Young Alumni Committees. I am proud to have an opportunity to give back to the university that has helped shape much of who I am today. Thank you for your vote and I look forward to serving you to keep our Tufts family close, closer, proud, and prouder.

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