Recognizing Our Alumni

Dedicated leaders. Tireless volunteers. Distinguished award recipients. Tufts Alumni.

Tufts University has more than 100,000 living graduates worldwide. They are active citizens. They are professionally accomplished. And for 150 years, many have volunteered their time and talents to create a vibrant alumni organization that builds and sustains lifelong relationships between alumni and their alma mater, and among one another. They organize class reunions, promote regional chapter events, provide career advice to new graduates, connect through shared interests, and foster loyalty in students from their first day on campus.

As a lasting tribute to the alumni who have served with distinction, excelled in their careers, and brought an added luster to the university as a result of their successes, the Sesquicentennial Committee is proud to introduce the inaugural register of Tufts Alumni Notables. Please take a moment to

These lists represent an ongoing effort to learn more about the achievements of our fellow graduates, to share their stories and further demonstrate the value of a Tufts education, to engender pride in our alumni network, and to be a source of definitive information about the accomplishments of Tufts Alumni.

The nomination period for the 2015 Alumni Awards is currently open! All nominations for the 2015 Alumni Awards are due on or before Wednesday, November 5, 2014. Alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of Tufts are welcome to submit nominations for any of the award categories.

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For more information, please contact Taylor Austin, Alumni Relations Officer, at 617-627-5786 or