2012 Award Recipients

Distinguished Achievement Awards

Scott Brown, A81

Scott Brown, A81, distinguished himself in his political career and in January 2010 was elected to fill the term of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy. Prior to his election to the U.S. Senate, he served in both the Massachusetts House of Representatives and the state Senate.

Steven Phillips, M.D., M66, A89P

Steven Phillips, M.D., M66, A89P, is a world-renowned cardiac surgeon. He has served in field hospitals in Vietnam and rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel after his return. He currently works with the National Library of Medicine to better prepare cities, states, and disaster teams for emergencies.

Tara Sonenshine, J81

Tara Sonenshine, J81, was recently nominated by President Obama to be the next Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. She is currently the executive vice president at the United States Institute of Peace and oversees public education, public outreach, and programmatic activity.

Distinguished Service Awards

Kenneth Aidekman, A75

Kenneth Aidekman, A75, was collectively and unanimously nominated by the 2011 Tufts University Art Gallery Board of Advisors for this award. He has been co-chair of this board since 2005. His service to Tufts spans the decades of the 1990s and 2000s, and during this time he served as an overseer for Arts and Sciences.

Susan Miller, J70, AG73, E96P, A98P

Susan Miller, J70, AG73, E96P, A98P, is a loyal and hard-working alumni volunteer and Alumni Council member. She has put in year upon year of steady and competent effort on behalf of Tufts and the Tufts University Alumni Association.

Marilyn Blumsack, J79, AG82

Marilyn Blumsack, J79, AG82, was the director of the Osher Institute of Lifelong Learning at Tufts for 10 years. This institute, led by her creativity and determination, provides a compelling mechanism to engage Tufts alumni in their retirement years in interesting and enriching educational programs. She is also a long time and dedicated Alumni Council member.

Young Alumni – Distinguished Achievement Award

Jonathan Epstein, V02, MG02

Jonathan Epstein, V02, MG02, is Associate Vice President of EcoHealth Alliance; a nongovernmental organization focused on predicting and preventing emerging pandemics. His research focuses on the ecology of zoonotic bat-borne viruses, pathogen discovery; and wildlife trade as a mechanism for disease emergence.

Young Alumni Service Award

Brooke Menschel, A02

Brooke Menschel, A02, is founding chair of the Tufts Hillel Alumni Alliance and has provided the inspirational leadership crucial to growing and strengthening this organization.

Lifetime Service Award

Sondra Szymczak, J59

Sondra Szymczak, J59, has been an active and devoted alumna since her graduation. She is a former president of the Boston Tufts Club and the Jackson College Association of Tufts Alumnae. In addition, she is a former chair (president) of the Tufts Alumni Council, and is the current president of the Tufts Senior Connection.

Active Citizenship and Public Service Award

Lori Tsuruda, SK95

Lori Tsuruda, SK95, is the executive director of the nonprofit organization People Making a Difference, which she founded in 1992 while she was still a student at the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, and which has engaged 6,000 volunteers in helping more than 100 local charities. She has also generously volunteered her time with many charities.