Tufts Alumni Admissions Program Volunteers

The reputation of Tufts is directly tied to the quality and selectivity of the student body, and who better to recognize a future Jumbo than a fellow pachyderm?

Alumni volunteer for the Tufts Alumni Admissions Program (TAAP), spend countless hours annually interviewing prospective students to help the university admissions office in their efforts to attract and select an outstanding freshman class. While meeting with students and championing Tufts in their home areas, TAAP members are uniquely positioned to highlight the qualities of the students they meet and to share the intangibles that might make them wonderful fits for Tufts.

TAAP has benefited from the support of 11,962 volunteers, 3,539 of whom are still involved with the program. While TAAP was formed in 1959, Tufts alumni interviewed applicants for many years prior to the program's formal inception.

On behalf of appreciative degree holders everywhere, Tufts University Alumni Association extends its sincere gratitude to all of our TAAP volunteers for their efforts and for consistently increasing the value of a Tufts education with each incoming class. To those chairpersons who have organized and led the TAAP volunteers in their regions, TUAA would like to say a special thank you for many hours devoted not only to enhancing the quality of the university, but also for helping thousands of college hopefuls to connect with persons who once sat in their very same seats.

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