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Robert D. Kennison, M60
Distinguished physician, educator and administrator who served Tufts for over 50 years
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Tufts Degrees: M.D., 1960

Awards & Honors: Distinguished Medical Alumnus Award, Tufts University School of Medicine, 2010; Zucker Teaching Prize, 2000

Biography: Robert Kennison is professor emeritus of obstetrics and gynecology at the Tufts School of Medicine and has dedicated over 50 years of his life to this medical school, as well as to the Tufts Medical Center. In 1964, Dr. Kennison was chief resident in gynecology at the medical center and a teaching fellow in obstetrics and gynecology at the medical school. Since then, he has continuously served both institutions up until his retirement on December 31, 2006. Dr. Kennison held several leadership roles in the hospital's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as in the medical school's administration, where he has played a key role in curriculum innovation. He is a past president of the Tufts Medical Alumni Association and a member of the University Alumni Council. Dr. Kennison was also a captain in the Army Medical Corps and served in the Womack Army Medical Center's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology from 1965-67.

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Richard G. Ketchum, A72
Long term public servant as securities industry regulator
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Tufts Degrees: B.A., History, 1972

Other Degrees: J.D., New York University School of Law, 1975

Biography: Richard Ketchum has had a long and successful career as a securities industry regulator. He has served in many capacities at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), National Association Of Securities Dealers (NASD), and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). He is currently the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Inc., a post he was appointed to in March 2009. Prior to this position, Mr. Ketchum served as the first chief regulatory officer of the NYSE as well as General Counsel of the Corporate and Investment Bank of Citigroup Inc.

Mr. Ketchum also served as president of the NASD and The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. for a combined twelve years. He spent 14 years at the SEC, and served as director of the division of Market Regulation for eight of those years.

Additionally, Mr. Ketchum serves on the Board of Directors of Appleseed, a non-profit network of 16 public interest justice centers in the United States and Mexico. These centers are dedicated to advancing the rule of law, promoting effective government, and creating opportunities for individuals' economic advancement.

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F. Ray Keyser, A50, H61
Long term Vermont politician
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Tufts Degrees: B.A., 1950; HLLD, 1961

Other Degrees: J.D., Boston University, 1952

Awards & Honors: Named one of America’s Ten Outstanding Young Men by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1961

Biography: F. Ray Keyser is an American politician who has served Vermont in a various capacities Prior to being elected Vermont’s youngest governor at age 33 in 1961, Keyser served as a page in the Vermont House of Representatives in 1939, as member of the House in 1955, 1957, and the speaker in 1959. He was named one of America's Ten Outstanding Young Men in 1961 by the U. S. Junior Chamber of Commerce. He joined the Vermont Marble company in 1965, where he served as President and CEO 1970-78 and Chairman 1978-79. Governor Keyser returned to public service as a Board Member of the Federal Reserve Bank in Boston from 1967-1972 and as a member of the Governors Council of Economic Advisors from 1991-1997. He has served as a Director and Chairman of numerous for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Governor Keyser is a veteran of World War II, during which he served in the U.S. Navy.

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Arthur Becket Lamb, A1900, AG1900, G1904, H1920
1880-1952; Chemist and educator, as well as a scientist who served his country
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Tufts Degrees: B.A., 1900; M.A., 1900; Ph.D., 1904; H.Sc.D., 1920

Other Degrees: Ph.D., Harvard University

Awards & Honors: Priestley Medal, American Chemical Society, 1949

Biography: Arthur Lamb completed graduate studies in the field of chemistry, receiving a Ph.D. first from Tufts and later, Harvard. Dr. Lamb remained at Harvard as an instructor in electrochemistry. At the onset of the United States’ participation in World War I in 1917, the government turned to Dr. Lamb’s department at Harvard for help in areas such as invisible writing and detection and removal of carbon monoxide from the air. Dr. Lamb turned all of his attention to the war effort in the late summer of 1917 when he took a leave of absence from Harvard and joined the Chemical Warfare Service where he was made Chief of the Defense Chemical Research Section. In 1921, Dr. Lamb decided to give up his work in Washington, DC and instead return to Harvard where he became active in teaching and research. In 1933, Dr. Lamb was chosen as President of the American Chemical Society. He also served as an editor for the Journal of the American Chemical Society for 32 years.

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Karen Lawrence, AG73
President of Sarah Lawrence College and widely respected English literature scholar and teacher
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Tufts Degrees: M.A., English, 1973

Other Degrees: B.A., English, Yale University, 1971; Ph.D., English, Columbia University, 1978

Awards & Honors: John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship; Ramona Cannon Award for distinguished teaching in the humanities; Rosenblatt Prize for Excellence in research, teaching, and service, University of Utah

Biography: Karen Lawrence is a James Joyce scholar and has written books on modern literature, travel writing, and feminist theory. Her books include The Odyssey of Style in Ulysses; Penelope Voyages: Women and Travel in the British Literary Tradition; Transcultural Joyce; and Decolonizing Tradition: New Views of 20th Century "British" Literary Cannons. In 2010, she published two new books: A collection of essays entitled Who’s Afraid of James Joyce and Techniques for Living: Fiction and Theory in the Work of Christine Brooke-Rose. She has held leadership positions in national and international professional organizations, including presidencies of the International James Joyce Foundation and the Society for the Study of Narrative Literature.

Dr. Lawrence has worked in academia since 1978. She was a member of the English faculty at the University of Utah and served as department chair from 1984-1989. She moved to UC Irvine in 1998 to become professor of English and comparative literature as well as dean of the School of Humanities. On August 1, 2007, Dr. Lawrence became the tenth president of Sarah Lawrence College.

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Liu Xiaoming, F83
Career Diplomat
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Tufts Degrees: M.A., International Relations, 1983

Other Degrees: Dalian University of Foreign Languages, 1974

Awards & Honors: The First Class Friendship Medal of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, 2010; Dean's Medal, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, 2007.

Biography: A career diplomat, Ambassador Liu spent his first few years after college graduation as a political officer of the Chinese Embassy in Zambia and a desk officer at the North American and Oceania Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He became deputy director of U.S. division of the North American and Oceania Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1983, serving in that post for six years. Ambassador Liu then traveled to the United States to assume the second secretary post of the Chinese Embassy. In 1990, he was promoted to first secretary at the embassy. After returning to China in 1993, he became director of U.S. division and then a counselor and later deputy director-general of the North American and Oceania Affairs Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His five years in China were followed by a post of minister and deputy chief of mission of the Chinese Embassy in the United States in 1998. Ambassador Liu became the Chinese ambassador to Egypt in 2001. In 2004, Ambassador Liu returned again to China, where he was seconded to Gansu Province as assistant governor. In 2005, he was promoted to vice minister of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Leading Group of the CPC Central Committee. In 2006, he was appointed Chinese Ambassador to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Since February 2010, Ambassador Liu has served as the Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

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Y. A. Liu, EG70
Highly honored professor of Chemical Engineering
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Tufts Degrees: M.S., Chemical Engineering, 1970

Other Degrees: B.S., National Taiwan University, 1967; Ph.D., Princeton University, 1974

Awards & Honors: Outstanding Career Achievement Award, Tufts University, 2010; National Friendship Award, State Council, People's Republic of China, 2000; Aspen Tech International Award for University Excellence in Computer-Aided Design, Aspen Technology, Cambridge, MA, 1996; Honorary Professor of Chemical Engineering, Qingdao Institute of Chemical Technology, Ministry of Chemical Industry, People's Republic of China, since July 1993; Fred Merryfield Design Award, American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), 1993; George Westinghouse Award, ASEE, 1990; National Catalyst Award, Chemical Manufacturers Association, 1986

Biography: Y. A. Liu is a highly decorated professor at Virginia Tech. He is a Frank C. Vilbrandt Endowed Professor in the Chemical Engineering department, as well as a Senior Advisor in the Office of the President at SINOPEC (China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation). Dr. Liu’s research interests include computer-aided design (CAD) in association with polymer process simulation, green engineering, and artificial intelligence in bioprocessing and chemical engineering.

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Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, FG88
Member of European Parliament and Former Minister of Justice of Spain
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Tufts Degrees: M.A. in Law & Diplomacy from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Massachusetts (1988)

Other Degrees: B.A. in Law Degree from the University of Granada (1984); B.A. in Political Science Degree from the University Complutense of Madrid (1986); Ph.D. in Law from the University of Bologna (1986)

Biography: Juan Fernando López Aguilar has worked in the Government of Spain since 1990. During his first three years, Mr. Lopez Aguilar was the parliamentary advisor to the Minister of Justice. From 1993 to 1996 he was Chief of Staff (Director of Cabinet) in the Ministry of Public Administrations and in the Ministry of Science and Education.

Along with the renewed leadership of the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers' Party), which was designated at its XXV National Congress in 2000, he was sworn in as Secretary of Public Freedom and Autonomous Development Executive Federal Leadership. He was also elected (and then twice reelected) as member of the Spanish National Parliament (Congreso de los Diputados) for the Canary Islands' constituency (2000-2009).

After the Socialist victory at the legislative elections of 2004, Mr. Lopez Aguilar was appointed member of Cabinet by the Spanish Prime Minister, José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. He served as the Minister of the Spanish Ministry of Justice, a position he held from 2004 to 2007, when he won the regional elections as candidate for the Presidency of the Regional Government of the Canary Islands in May 2007.

Mr. Lopez Aguilar has completed an academic career as scholar and full professor of Spanish Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitutional Law and European Law at the University of Las Palmas and at the University of Granada.

As a scholar, he has published more than a dozen books and more than one hundred articles on topics related to Constitutional Law, Comparative Law, Fundamental Rights and Judicial Systems. Many of his publications have been translated into English, French and Italian

Currently he is a Member of the European Parliament since June 2009, where he serves as Chairman of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs and as President of the Spanish Socialist Delegation. He has been nominated as Vice-president of the PES (Party of European Socialists) in 2009.

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Winston Lord, FG69, H87
Former Ambassador to China and public servant
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Tufts Degrees: M.A., 1960; LL.D, 1987

Other Degrees: B.A., Yale, 1959

Awards & Honors: Five Honorary Degrees, State Department Distinguished Honor Award, Defense Department Outstanding Performance Award, Distinguished Alumni Award, Tufts University Alumni Association, 2009.

Biography: For four decades, Ambassador Winston Lord has been a key figure in the restoration and progress of relations between the United States and China. As Special Assistant to the National Security Advisor, he accompanied Henry Kissinger on the secret trip to Beijing and President Nixon on his historic visit to China.

Later, Ambassador Lord became the State Department's Director of Policy Planning, Ambassador to China and Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

Ambassador Lord is the Chairman Emeritus of the International Rescue Committee and has served as the President of the Council on Foreign Relations and Chair or Board Member of many U.S. and international non-governmental organizations.

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Kathleen McCartney, J77
Developmental Psychology expert and Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education
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Tufts Degrees: B.S., Psychology, 1977

Other Degrees: M.A. and Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, Yale University, 1982

Awards & Honors: Member of the American Academy of Arts & Science, 2012; Distinguished Contribution Award from the Society for Research in Child Development, 2009

Biography: Kathleen McCartney, the Gerald S. Lesser Professor in Early Childhood Development, was named Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2006. In collaboration with a dedicated faculty and administrative team, she has implemented a strategic plan that has resulted in the creation of two new degree programs, the doctorate in education leadership (Ed.L.D.), and a new interfaculty Ph.D. in education; a 25 percent growth in core faculty; a doubling of financial aid for Ed.M. students; a dramatic increase in fellowship support for doctoral students; and the establishment of a partner network with over 30 districts and non-profit organizations.

McCartney’s research program concerns early experience and development, and she has published more than 150 articles and chapters on child care, early childhood education, and poverty. She is a member of the NICHD Early Child Care Research Network, which summarized the results of their longitudinal study in Child Care and Child Development. She also co-edited Experience and Development, The Blackwell Handbook of Early Childhood Development, and Best Practices in Developmental Research Methods. McCartney previously served as the director of the University of New Hampshire Child Study and Development Center, a laboratory school for children from infancy through the beginning of primary school, and she has been a Visiting Research Scholar at the Center for Research on Women at Wellesley College. She is a Fellow of the American Education Research Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Psychological Society. Currently, she serves as a trustee of Tufts.

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John J. Meade, D56
Dentist providing care to the underserved in Haiti
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Tufts Degrees: Matriculated to the college with class of 1954; D.M.D., 1956

Biography: John Meade is dentist with a private practice in Medford, MA. He has formerly served on the faculty at the Tufts School of Dentistry. Dr. Meade is very active in charity work with the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation and has been traveling to Haiti for 40 years on philanthropic missions, supplying and providing dental care at clinics. He is also proud of his role as the co-founder and volunteer at the Lazarus House in Lawrence, MA, a dental clinic for the homeless.

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Patrick Meier, FG12
Internationally recognized thought leader on humanitarian technology and innovation
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Tufts Degrees: Ph.D., The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, 2012

Other Degrees: Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Stanford University; M.A., Columbia University; EAP, University of California Berkeley

Awards & Honors: UNICEF Humanitarian Innovations Fellow, Rockefeller Foundation Fellow, and PopTech Fellow

Biography: Patrick Meier is an internationally recognized thought leader on the application of new technologies for crisis early warning, humanitarian response, and resilience. His brand new book, Digital Humanitarians: How Big Data is Changing the Face of Humanitarian Action, has been endorsed by the likes of Harvard, Oxford, the UN, Red Cross, and USAID, while his influential and widely read blog iRevolutions has received over 1.5 million hits. He presently serves as Director of Social Innovation at QCRI, where he develops and prototypes Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies with multiple humanitarian organizations. He is also on the Innovation Team of the United Nations Secretary-General’s World Humanitarian Summit and has been awarded a number of fellowships – he is a UNICEF Humanitarian Innovations Fellow, Rockefeller Foundation Fellow, and PopTech Fellow. Mr. Meier is also a National Geographic Emerging Explorer and a founder/co-founder of CrisisMappers, Digital Humanitarians, MicroMappers, Humanitarian UAV Network, and the award-winning Standby Task Force. Prior to QCRI, Mr. Meier co-founded and co-directed the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative’s Program on Crisis Mapping and Early Warning and served as Director of Crisis Mapping at Ushahidi, a non-profit technology company voted by MIT’s Technology Review as one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world. Ushahidi, which means witness in Swahili, began during Kenya's postelection violence in 2008 and became prominent and widely praised during the response to the Haitian earthquake—when Meier led a group of Fletcher students out of the school’s basement in providing critical information to on-the-ground civilian and military responders. Mr. Meier is an accomplished speaker, having given talks at the White House, UN, and Google and presented major international conferences such as the Skoll World Forum, Mobile World Congress, SXSW and TEDx.

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Richard A. Meserve, A66
Government agency head, lawyer, and leader of scientific research organization
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Tufts Degrees: B.A., Physics, Mathematics, 1966

Other Degrees: J.D., Harvard Law School, 1975; Ph.D., Applied Physics, Stanford University, 1976; Ph.D. (Honorary), Washington College

Awards & Honors: Magna Cum Laude, Tufts University; Magna Cum Laude, Harvard Law School; editor of Harvard Law Review; fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; fellow, American Physical Society; fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science; Secretary of Energy Gold Medal (highest DOE award); Abelson Prize, American Association for the Advancement of Science; Phi Beta Kappa

Biography: Dr. Richard Meserve has used his studies of science and law in a variety of positions in the fields of government, law, and science. Dr. Meserve worked in President Jimmy Carter’s administration as legal counsel to the President’s science and technology advisor. For many years, he was a partner of Covington & Burling LLP, and he currently serves on a part-time basis as Senior Of Counsel in the firm’s Washington office. With a Ph.D. in applied physics, Dr. Meserve concentrated his practice on issues at the intersection of law, regulation, science, and technology. Earlier in his career, Dr. Meserve clerked for US Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, as well as Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Justice Benjamin Kaplan.

Between 1999 and 2003, he served as Chairman of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). In this position, he was the principal government official with responsibility for regulating nuclear power plants and the use of nuclear materials. During the aftermath of 9/11, Dr. Meserve was responsible for the security of U.S. nuclear power plants.

In addition to these responsibilities, Dr. Meserve is currently chairman of the International Nuclear Safety Group chartered by the International Atomic Energy Agency, as well as chairman of the Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board of the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering. He is co-chairman of the National Academies’ Committee on Science, Technology, and Law, and also a member of the board for PG&E. Dr. Meserve is the President of the Carnegie Institution for Science, a non-profit entity that undertakes fundamental research on the frontiers of biology, earth sciences, and astronomy. He serves as a member of the Blue-Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future, chartered by Energy Secretary Chu at the request of President Obama, and as a member of the National Commission on Energy Policy. Finally, Dr. Meserve is an Overseer of Harvard University and serves on the Council and Trust of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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Ioannis Miaoulis, E83, AG86, EG87
Current President and Director of the Museum of Science, Boston; former Tufts administrator; and lifelong advocate for sciences and engineering in education
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Tufts Degrees: B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 1983; M.A., Economics, 1986; Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, 1987

Other Degrees: M.S., Mechanical Engineering, MIT, 1984

Awards & Honors: Tufts University Alumni Association's Outstanding Service Award; Elected to the Tufts University Board of Trustees in 2006; Presidential Young Investigator award; William P. Desmond Award for outstanding contributions to Public Education; Outstanding Young Leader Award, Boston Jaycees; Presidential Appointee in the National Board of Museum and Library Services; Trustee of Wellesley College; Appointed by Gov. Deval Patrick to the Commonwealth Readiness Project and the STEM council, served as member of the NASA Advisory Board.

Biography: Ioannis "Yannis" Miaoulis has been President and Director of the Museum of Science, Boston, since 2003. Originally from Greece, Dr. Miaoulis came to the Museum after a distinguished association with Tufts University as Dean of the School of Engineering, Associate Provost, Interim Dean of the University's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He founded laboratories in Thermal Analysis for Materials Processing and Comparative Biomechanics, and also created the Center for Engineering Educational Outreach and the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program.

An innovative educator with a passion for science and engineering, Dr. Miaoulis championed the introduction of engineering into the Massachusetts science and technology public school curriculum in 2001, making the Commonwealth first in the nation to develop statewide curricular frameworks and assessments for engineering at all levels K-12. He is positioning the Museum of Science to take the lead in bringing all interested parties in government, industry, and education together to advance the goal of educating a scientifically and technologically literate citizenry.

In 2004, Dr. Miaoulis spearheaded the creation of the National Center for Technological Literacy (NCTL) at the Museum Supported by corporate, foundation and federal funds, NCTL will introduce engineering as a new discipline in schools and will foster lifelong learning about technology and engineering by presenting technology as a partner equal to science in museums and science centers. At present, the NCTL is working with educators in all 50 states and the federal governement, helping them to modify their educational standards and assessments and design K-12 engineering materials, and offering professional development.

A frequent speaker on science and technology literacy, Dr. Miaoulis has testified before U.S. Senate and House committees and served as keynote speaker at numerous education reform conferences nationwide. He has published more than 100 research papers and holds two patents.

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William T. Monroe, F73, FG74
U.S. Government Official, Foreign Service Officer, and former Ambassador to Bahrain
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Tufts Degrees: M.A., International Relations, 1973; M.A.L.D., 1974

Other Degrees: B.A., History, Stanford University

Biography: William Monroe joined the U.S. Foreign Service in 1978 and served in a variety of positions at U.S. Embassies in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, including Egypt, Iraq, Burma, Oman, China, Singapore, Kuwait, Pakistan, Bahrain, and France. Before joining the State Department, Ambassador Monroe worked for three years as an International Trade Specialist at the Department of Commerce. He was appointed and confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2004, and served there until 2007.  He also served as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassies in Kuwait and Pakistan, as well as U.S. Deputy Permanent Representative to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris, France.  He retired from the U.S. Department of State in 2011, and currently resides in Sarasota, Florida and Phnom Penh.

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Dr. Aviva Must, N87, NG92
Morton A. Madoff Professor and Chair of Public Health and Community Medicine at Tufts Medical, researching the epidemiology of obesity, particularly in adolescents
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Tufts Degrees: M.S., Nutrition, 1987; Ph.D., Nutrition, 1992

Awards & Honors: B.S., Biology, New York University, 1976

Biography: Dr. Aviva Must is the Morton A. Madoff Professor of Public Health at the Tufts University School of Medicine, Chair of the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine, and Dean of the Public Health and Professional Degree Programs. She has been featured on NPR, Frontline, and a variety of other media outlets as a leading expert in the field of nutrition. Her research area is the epidemiology of obesity, with a focus on long-term physical and psychosocial health consequences of childhood growth characteristics and obesity effects at critical periods across the lifespan, such as adolescence and pregnancy in vulnerable populations. She has conducted prospective and retrospective cohort studies in diverse populations, including an early Harvard Growth Study follow-up and Newton Girls Study. She was also involved with The MIT Growth and Development Study, a 10-year prospective study of the metabolic dietary and lifestyle factors related to incident obesity and fatness change in adolescent girls. Dr. Must’s additional areas of interest include surveillance and survey activities in school-aged children and lifestyle behaviors and health promotion among children with developmental disabilities. Dr. Must serves on the executive committee of the Boston Obesity Nutrition Research Center, where she directs the Clinical and Community Research Core.

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