What do I call myself?

Guide to the Letters Used after a Tufts Graduate’s Name

A Arts & Sciences
J Woman who graduated from A&S before 2002
E Engineering
M Medical
D Dental
V Vet
N Nutrition
F Fletcher
AG Arts & Sciences Graduate Degree
EG Engineering Graduate Degree
MG Medical Graduate (second degree)
DG Dental Graduate (second degree)
FG Fletcher Graduate (second degree)
P Parent of an alumnus/ae

Example: J75, AG77, A02P is an alumna who graduated from the School of Arts & Sciences in 1975, earned a graduate Arts & Sciences degree in 1977, and is the parent of a 2002 alum.

Latin distinctions:

Alumnus a single male graduate
Alumna a single female graduate
Alum a single alum either gender
Alumnae 2 or more female graduates
Alumni 2 or more graduates